Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 9 January 2020

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Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 9 January, kazi Haider introduced the Asojee Farzans of Aurangzeb and the Sidhoji Farzans. Heroes were the sons of Farzan. He abducts Rajaram and takes him to the Mughals. According to their plan, Yasoji and Sidozi infiltrate Raigad and meet Matoshree. When he arrived in Delhi, his brave father once told him about how Shivaji’s life was saved. After their conversation, he allowed them to stay in Raigad.


Kaviraj is suspected of the children of Hiroji Farzan, who has entered Raigad However, Khandoji and Nilo Pant told him that they should do so because they had done nothing wrong. On the other hand, Yasoji and Sidhoji decide to teach Sambhaji a lesson and avenge his father’s murder.

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 8 January 2020 Sambhaji is planning to move to Mumbai at Raigad. Raje’s prime minister has offered to go to his place, but Sambhaji tells him to stay back in Raigad and maintain the fort in his absence. Meanwhile, Matoshree admits that she wants to go to the tomb of Ausahib and decorate the place. However, with whatever is happening in Raigad, Yasubai is not in favor of this decision. She tells Matoshree to go another time, but the latter is not ready. Then Yasubai decided to send an army along with Matoshree to protect her from any attack. After seeing Yasubai’s concerns, Matoshree was touched.

Yasoji Farzan and Sidhoji Farzan reached Raigad. At the entrance, they meet Khandoji and Kaviraj. The two children honestly tell Kaviraj and Khandoji their identities which allowed them to pass. However, Kaviraj is still suspicious. Later, Yasoji Farzan and Sidhoji Farjan meet Matoshree who describes the brave work done by his father during Shivaji’s time. She then allows them to stay in Raigad.

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