Upcoming Episode Doctor Don 11 March

Upcoming Episode Doctor Don 11 March,God will admit that he is in love with Monica. He then told God to go out on the road. Later, it was realized that Monika was leaving while Devika was praying in the temple.

The latter tells Truth to stop Monica’s car. After a while the two somehow persuaded Monica to go to college with God. While going to college, God walks with Monica.

Meanwhile, Monica has reported that Lokhande is causing problems at the college because Monica has not approved the latter’s bill. The iron man then threatens Monica and behaves rude to her. God takes note of it and is angry. The former then punishes Lokhande in reverse in front of the entire college and asks the latter to apologize to Monica. Once Monica intervenes, God lets Iron Man go.

In the next episode, we will see Monica telling God to tell the truth. She wants to acknowledge what God has in mind. The latter do not reveal his true intentions and instead speak in riddles. Monica is confused about what God’s purpose is. She wondered what God wanted of her.

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