Upcoming Story Aga Bai Sasubai 7 March 2020

Upcoming Story Aga Bai Sasubai 7 March 2020, In today’s episode, we see how Shubra decided to take things into his own hands and earn money for Soham for his misconduct and spending all of Aswari’s money.

Soham later went out to have coffee with Pragya, and on his way home he lied that he was going to meet a friend. Later, Shubhra visited the same restaurant and caught Soham and Pragya together for coffee. Meanwhile, Abhijeet decides to hide Sohum’s image by hiding the truth from Aswari.

In the next section we see how Abhijeet and Ashaviari are still looking for each other in the midst of all the confusion.

Abhijit is seen dressed in the clothes of Raj Kapoor and tries to rob his ladyboy Aswari who looks just as beautiful as Nargis. He, along with two giants, is dancing to the song Pyaar Hua Ikarar Hua on the Sri 420 movie. Abhijit decorated his house with a light and balloon, respectively. He has also set up a projector showing the artist’s songs in the movie. Abhijeet and Aswari follow the steps of the couple

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