Upcoming Story Almost Sufal Sampoorna 10 March 2020

Upcoming Story Almost Sufal Sampoorna 10 March 2020, in the backyard of Almost Sufal Sampuran, we saw our grandmother coming home to invite Holi Dahan to her house.

Not wanting to be part of the celebrations, the young man refuses to give up on his heart. Try to convince Nachiket that they should be a part of Marathi culture, with grandmothers and digs on their side.

He rents and Holika is ready to go for combustion. As everyone is getting together in a cohesive way, Nachit is in a frightening mood. And right in front of him, his beloved boyfriend is expressing the same sentiment on her face.

In the upcoming episode, we see the determined psyche trying to recover the hot coconut from the bone. She burned her hand and seeing that she was in pain, Nachit ran to her rescue. He worships her hand and tries to check if she has been hurt. That’s when Grandma and everyone else revealed their plans for how they misunderstood the two love birds. However, in their failure they both escaped at the same moment.

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 9 March 2020

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