Upcoming Story Almost Sufal Sampoorna 18 March 2020

Upcoming Story Almost Sufal Sampoorna 18 March 2020, At Nachiket, Apapa saw all his efforts to win the ‘Marathi Entrepreneur of the Year’ competition. Meanwhile, Phulwa Tai, one of Sai’s choreographers, urges Sai to perform a dance at a special ceremony.

Sai is happy at first, but then thinks of Apa and finds herself in a daze. She immediately calls Nachiket and asks to see her after work.

In the upcoming episode of Most Lamost Successful Completion, you find a robber in the dance floor talking to Sai on the phone.

He immediately ran to catch the robber and both of them quarreled. In all these cases there is a cut on the hand of the dancer. Later, he tried to hide his injured arm from Sai. However, the latter are spot on and he was absolutely surprised to hear that a robber attacked him with a knife.

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 17 March 2020

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