Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 12 March 2020

Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 12 March 2020, In the previous episode of the show, we saw how Aditya tried to visit Sai in the hospital but he was denied entry there.

Sai’s father also humiliated Aditya and the former returned his money. Meanwhile, Sai’s mother abducted her father so that he would not run with her daughter. On the other hand, Aditya Appa also expressed his desire to marry his grandson.

In the area tomorrow, Sai will sneak out of her father’s castle to meet Aditya. She will visit Aditya’s uncle Pintya Mama’s garage and tell her that she is going to leave Aditya so she will hate her.

Sai will be seen telling him that she risked her life to meet her. He will then thank her for his help. But Sai and Naina will find the father of Sai who is looking for them.

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