Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 18 March 2020

Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 18 March 2020, While not aware that Aditya is the owner of the company, Eddie went to interview in the industry. Meanwhile, Sai dropped him and wished him good luck. During the interview, Aditya Jodi had cheated Eddie Industries manager but the former overturned him. The latter decided to hand him a job opportunity.

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 17 March 2020

In the area tomorrow, we will celebrate Aditya’s uncle’s job. Meanwhile, Sai tries to contact Aditya through Naina and later she tells her friend that Aditya has not called.

On the other hand, Aditya calls Naina asking Sai too, as he promised later that he would tell her if he got a job. Later, Sai talks about Aditya’s oblivion while Aditya Pintya talks about Mamasi’s careless attitude.

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