Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 24 March 2020

Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 24 March 2020, We see how Aditya cheated on Uncle to realize that he was out with his friend but instead met Sai and Naina.

They were all looking for a restaurant in which Aditya could treat them through a dinner party, as he promised Sai to do the same after landing the job.

They go to Aditya’s favorite restaurant but after staying there for a long time, Sai decides to take them to a very expensive restaurant.

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 24 March 2020

During dinner, Aditya realizes that he has only a note of Rs 500 in his wallet and is worried about how he will pay for the dinner.

In the upcoming episode we will see how Aditya takes the time to adapt to the expensive environment and stop himself from having a welcome drink as he has not placed an order. It can also be seen by calculating the total amount from the items on the menu. Meanwhile, Sai and Naina who visit the toilet realize that Naina had stolen Aditya’s handkerchief. Aditya reveals that she likes her, and now she starts to groan.

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