Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 26 March 2020

Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 26 March 2020, We saw how Aditya, Sai and Naina had a great meal together. Sai pays the bill and asks Aditya to give her a treat next time.

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 26 March 2020

Meanwhile, Naina confesses to Adi’s feelings for Aditya, and the next person tries to help her get closer and hurries away, leaving the two alone. After Sai left, Aditya and Naina went home together.

In the next section we will see how Grandma Mama slams Aditya for coming home so late. Aditya tells him that his stomach is full and he cannot eat.

Brother Mama tells Grandpa that he lost money but Aditya realized his stupidity and decided to have dinner with Grandma. Later, he calls Sai and tells her how boring his experience with Naina is. Sai tells him that Naina is a sweet person and he should always visit her to get to know her better. But Aditya tells her that he will only meet Naina if Sai is around.

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