Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 9 March 2020

Upcoming Story Maza Hoshil Na 9 March 2020, In the previous episode of the show, we saw Aditya’s uncle Pintya Mama being punished, but they are all being punished together.

That night, none of them was eating rice, and seeing this, Aditya decided to pay Sai for it. Sai tells him that she will repay at the end of the day, but she fails to do so because of her father’s trick.

Aditya then tells Naina to tell Sai that he wants the latter to extend the repayment deadline.

In the next part of the show, we are shocked to see Aditya Sai’s house. Sai’s parents are away, and when they reach and ring the bell, she panics. She tells Aditya to leave but he asks her to beg her and put a nose to her feet. He is firm on this and when Sai reluctantly agrees, he stops her from doing so. Sai’s parents get upset but as soon as the door opens and Aditya walks in through the main door, Aditya decides to surprise them. Ozee Marathi

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