Upcoming Story Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 16 March 2020

Upcoming Story Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 16 March 2020, In the back part of the show we see how Radhika tried to hide the truth from Soumitra. The latter says he won’t keep quiet until someone is hurting her.

After a while, Soumitra’s mother asks Radhika why the latter is more stressful and calm than ever. Radhika admits that she wants to stay home now because she has enough work to do.

She is tired of managing a company worth crores of rupees and has until now taken care of Atharva and Soumitra. Somitra’s mother realizes that Radhika is lying to her and asks Soumitra to inquire into the matter. She tells Soumitra to ask Gurunath’s mother if he knows anything about it. Meanwhile, Radhika’s colleagues are angry over the merger and ask her to ask her twice before making the final call. She wants them to discuss the merger with her employees.

In the next section, we see Soumitra confessing to Gurunath’s mother that he is tired of Radhika hiding the truth. He says she can’t understand why she’s suffering so much. He then urges Gurunath’s mother to get the truth from Radhika. Gurunath’s mother then calls Radhika and explains to her that she is making a big mistake by leaving herself a company she had built from scratch. Gurunath’s mother admits that she is angry about Radhika taking such a drastic step. She told Radhika that she was not only clearing the name of the company but also leaving her identity associated with it. On the other hand, Gurunath tells Maya that everything will go one step at a time. Radhika’s company is about to merge with SB Company, whose Maya CEO will be revealed. Gurunath then assures Maya that you are planning the next thing yourself.

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