Upcoming Story Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 17 March 2020

Upcoming Story Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 17 March 2020, In today’s episode, we see how Soumitra is trying to find the truth behind Radhika’s strange behavior. Realizing the latter is close to his wife, he talks to Gurunath’s mother.

Gurunath, on the other hand, is with Maya at a restaurant when he learns that Shania has stolen money from his wallet.

Meanwhile, Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis paid the stolen money to Baba’s costume Kediya, pretending that she could cure Mrs Sabanis’ throat and bring her voice back.

Let us see how Radhika was invited to open a shop tomorrow, where she finally dreamed that there was a series of huge start-ups that affected the lives of many. As a result, she decided to fight back! She resolves to find out who is the true lead behind Maya’s plan, and calls to let her know that the legal process for merging companies will take at least a week. She then invites all the employees and says that Radhika Spices and SB companies will hold the merger. Everyone was happy to hear that.

Meanwhile, Gurunath and Maya are splitting up from time to time for the merger as it announces that his marriage to his wife Shanaya is null.

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