Aai Kuthe kay karte Star Pravah Serial cast, tital track, Show Time, wiki,Latest Episode updates

Serial Name – Aai Kuthe kay karte
Channel – Star Pravah
Started from – 23 December 2019
Show Time –  Mon – Sat 7:30 pm
Director – Rajan Shahi

Star Cast

Madhurani Gokhale Prabhulkar as Aai (Arundhati)

Milind Gawali as Anirudha (Arundhati Husband)

Aai Kuthe kay karte
Abhishek Deshmukh as Yash (Arundhati Son)

Niranjan Kulkarni as Abhishek (Arundhati Son)
Aai Kuthe kay karte
Apurva Gore as Isha (Arundhati Daughter)

Kishor Mahabole as Ajoba / Appa
Archana Patkar as Ajji
Seema Ghogale as Vimal (Molkarin)
Deepali Pansare as Sanjana
Radhika Deshpande as Devika (Arundhati’s friend)


Aai Kuthe kay karte Serial Tital Song – 


Aai Kuthe kay karte Serial Tital Song Lyrics –

Pusate Paani Dolyan Madhale Ghaas Bharvate Ji… Ti Aai
Ti Aai
Ti Aai

Bol Bobade Shikvit Sare Jag Dakhvate Ji…
Ti Aai
Ti Aai
Ti Aai

Visrun Saare, Mi Pan Sodat Visrun Saare Mi Pan Sodat
Hasate Radate Ji

Thech Lagta Saglyat Aadhi
Othi Umthate Ji…
Ti Aai
Ti Aai
Ti Aai

Jakhmevarleli Phunkar Hote, Jibhevarli Sakhar Hote

Ghass Bharvete Ji…
Ti Aai
Ti Aai
Ti Aai

Shavsahi Dete…
Dhyashi Dete, Jagnyacha Vishwas Hi Dete
Tarihi Manhte Jag He Sari…
Aai Kuthe Kay Karte…

Story Outline – 

Middle-aged housewife Arundhati has dedicated her life to her husband and children. When she realizes that her work is in vain and no one compliments her as a housewife, she creates a different identity of her own.

She realized that her family did not respect her except for Yash Anaf Appa. At the school for Esha’s competition, she lies to Arundhati about her illness and takes Sanjana (Aniruddha’s colleague and love interest) with her, where Arundhati arrives unexpectedly and she gets the title of best mother.

School officials give her a job. She takes but because of her family she was not able to perform well. Here Abhishek falls in love with her eldest son Ankita who is the daughter of a highly reputed doctor couple. Ankita’s mother refused to accept their relationship due to Arundhati’s educational status, so Abhishek agreed to leave the house and Arundhati brought him back promising to look into the matter. After this, in his depressed state, Abhishek came home drunk.

Arundhati talks to Revathi and she agrees to Abhishek and Ankita’s engagement ceremony. Here Kedar (Aniruddha’s sister-in-law) mistakenly realizes that Sanjana and Aniruddha’s relationship is intact, he tries to tell Arundhati but since Arundhati has blind faith and trust in Aniruddha, he warns Aniruddha and stays for a long time.

Yash fell in love with a girl named Guwari and fell in love with her for the first time, Sanjana’s niece had come from America. Revati foolishly wants to give Ankita a single solitaire ring in front of Arundhati, Arundhati buys it for Ankita after selling the jewelery she got from her mother at her wedding. It has been revealed that Neelima stole the ring after it was stolen.

A boy named Sidhu harasses Esha, Arundhati takes the case by the hand and punishes him. Abhishek and Ankita were busy but Arundhati was not present. Sanjana Deshmukh came home with Nikhil last night and Shekhar beat her up saying that Arundhati is kind and offered her to stay for a few days, while Nachan is upset.

When Kedar comes to pick up Menu, he finds out about it and warns Sanjana. The next day, Kanchan beats Sajna’s son for lying to her. Sanjana insults Kanchan. Seeing this Arundhati threw Sanjana out of the house. Which creates misunderstanding between Aniruddha and Arundhati.

Later Aniruddha will throw Arundhati out of the house at night Arundhati meets her friend Devika, Devika takes Arundhati to her house and explains that her family allows her. Arundhati then decides to create her own identity.

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