Yeh Hai Chahatein 1 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1 March 2021, Vasudha is shocked to see the body of Preisha and asks about the glory. Rudraksha says that Mahima killed Preisha.

She says that this is not possible. She says that she does not know her truth and says that she was working as a good person till now and she was cheating them from the beginning and says that she left them because she was responsible for Saranash.

Wanted to escape and was using men for money. He reveals that he is behind the murder of Balraj and he is the one who kidnapped him.

She cries and says that Mahima cannot do all this. Gopal says that Mahima was that kind of person and says that Preisha told Mahima her truth and she didn’t say anything to Vasudha and she never thought that Mahima would one day kill her own sister too and get Preisha to wake up Calls for Rudraksha says that Mahima cannot escape and says that he will kill her.

Sarnash says that he wants to go to Preisha. Glory shouts at him. A man comes there She asks him about his and Saransh’s fake passports and London tickets. He says that he organized everything. She asks if he confirmed Preisha’s death. He says that the news of his death is broadcast only in every channel and goes away.

She switches on the TV and watches the news of Preisha’s death and asks Sarsangh to watch and taunt her for her confidence. She says that tomorrow she will move to London with Sarsangh and from there will control the Khurana Empire and no one can do anything for her.

Ahana thinks that she will not say that she is happy that Preisha died and that she wanted Srinivasan sisters and Saransh to leave this house and that her life and her wish were fulfilled today. The police inspector says that he will have to take the body of Preisha for postmortem.

Preisha calls Mahima and apologizes to her for harassing her. Mahima is shocked to hear her and says that it cannot be Preisha as she killed her herself. She thinks it will be Rudraksha’s work and then decides to investigate her death. She prepares a back up plan before leaving. The hotel worker sees Mahima in the news and sees her leaving the hotel and he calls the police.

Vasudha asks how Mahima can do this with Preisha and finds herself guilty. Sharda consoled her. Gopal says that Mahima chose the wrong path for her selfish reasons. Vasudha says that she is still not convinced that Mahima can do all this and says that Saransh is her own son and how she can kidnap him. Sharda says that Mahima did everything for the money and opened up about Balraj’s desire.

Mahima reaches the hospital and examines Preisha’s body. She is surprised to see Preisha alive and calls and shocks her. Rudraksha says that the game of glory is over now. Preisha remembers how she survived.

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