Yeh Hai Chahatein 10 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10 March 2021, Sulochana tells Rudraksha how Balraj asks her to commit a fake death and tells her to leave her life permanently. She says that Balraj commits wrongdoing by separating her from her children and says that she is pregnant now and that child also needs father’s love.

Balraj says that he does not need that child because all the doctors have already said that the baby will not be normal, yet he denies abortion of the child and says that he already has Rajiv and Rudraksh but this third For the child she is ready to leave her other children and him. He says that is why she took this decision and said that she died for them and asks her to leave from there and says that she and her child have no connection.

Sulochana tells Rudraksha that Balraj did not want her to give birth to Kabir as she would be born as a physically challenged child but as a mother how could she kill her child. She says that Balraj asked her to choose between Kabir and Rajiv, Rudraksha and she chose Kabir.

She says that she gave birth to Kabir and came to know that she could not walk and the nurse asked Balraj to talk to her that it would not be easy to raise her alone so she decided to talk to him and call him Kabir. Gave information about. Birth but he refused to accept them saying that they had died for him and that if he tried to contact them again he would kill them and after that he never spoke to her. She says that she missed them a lot.

Rudraksha says that he will have to live with her from now on. She says that Balraj will not accept them and he will kill them and asks her not to tell him about Balraj. He says that Balraj will do nothing. She says that she does not know about Balraj. He reveals that Balraj died.

She overhears him and asks how it happened. He also tells her about Rajiv’s death and says that he has already lost them but he cannot lose her and Kabir so they have to go with him. She says that she knows that Balraj has remarried so she does not want to hurt anyone. He says that Sharda loves her very much and will treat them well.

Rudraksha brings Sulochana and Kabir to the Khurana mansion. Sharda was shocked to see Sulochana. Rudraksha says that Kabir is his brother and they will live with him from now on and says that he is happy today. Sharada welcomes him. Sulochana speaks to Balraj’s picture. Ahana says that she wants to talk to Sharda and Rudraksha. Preisha says that she will show Sulochana and Kabir the room and take them.

Ahana asks what is happening here and says that yesterday he brought Sonia and 2 more people today and said that this is Khurana mansion and no dharamshala. He says that Sulochana is his biological mother and he will not hear anything against him. She asks what evidence he has that they are his mother and brother and says that he does not even know his true intentions. He takes a stand for them. She thinks to throw them out of the house. Sonia praised Kabir to Rudraksh.

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