Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th Saptember 2020, Vasudha approached Gopal and was shocked to see his condition. She yells at the constable for beating her husband that the constable warns him to shut up.

She moves towards Gopal and cries seeing him, saying that she wanted to call Preisha but she refuses him.

He says that Preisha was already suffering a lot, she also took responsibility for Saranash, even though it was not his son, if Khurana came to know about his drug case then it was a problem for his daughter. Will generate

Niketan overhears everything, says that Preisha destroyed him with her secret, now she is about to destroy him with his secret.

Preisha gets worried wondering why her parents did not join her call. Saranash cheers her mood. Rudraksha comes there with a complaint of his tie.

Sarsangh laughs at his father. Rudraksha asks Sharan to help him instead of laughing.

Saranash says that he takes the help of Preisha himself then how can he help her and suggests her to take help of her mother and leave from there.

Rudraksha says that if he does not stick properly then everyone will make fun of him in class and make a sad face. He tells her to stop the emotional blackmail and helps her with the tie.

He thinks he has gone mad because he always thinks that he gets close to him and decides not to see him. She wonders why she is not looking at him.

She asks that he is still angry at her because of the suspension case. He thinks he can’t get away from her if he sees her and he isn’t angry at her. He says that he is late for class and runs away.

The next day, Vasudha reaches the police station and gives the money to the police inspector and asks him to release Gopal to bail.

The police inspector says that one of the girl living in the hospital went into a coma, so it is not just a case of drug, so she cannot leave Gopal.

Vasudha was shocked to hear that. He tells her to pray to God for that girl otherwise no one can save her husband. Vasudha gets a call from Preisha but she disconnects the call to Yuvraj.

Niketan calls Ahana and asks to meet her that he wants to tell her something important, before the constable sees her she cuts off the call.

Sarnash tells Preisha about her sudden test and she scores full marks. Preisha congratulated him and Saranash expressed surprise about Rudraksh’s score.

Rudraksha reveals her number to Sarsangh and teases Preisha. Preisha moves towards him to tickle him and he runs away from her.

She finally catches him and escapes him by tickling him while he slips off the bed, injuring his hand.

Yuvraj gave his plan to Rahul, Rahul asks if it will affect Preisha or what. Yuvraj says that Preisha’s parents are her weak point. Vasudha comes there and tells Yuvraj about Gopal.

Yuvraj says that he knows a lawyer but his fees are expensive, he gives him a lawyer’s card. The doctors treat Rudraksh’s fractured hand and suggest him to rest. Rudraksha says that he was playing with Sarsangh and slipped.

Balraj scolds her and leaves. Preisha asks why Rudraksha lied to her family and apologizes to her. Rudraksha feels that she fractured her hand because she was still not angry at him.

Ahana meets Niketan and says that she knows that because of Khurana she still cannot be helped. He tells her about Gopal and says that Preeta is not Sarnash’s mother.

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