Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th Saptember 2020, Niketan, who tells Ahana that she calls Pritha’s secret to tell her that she is not Sarna’s mother.

Ahana is shocked to hear him and asks who is Saranash’s mother. Niketan replies that he does not know, but this is what Gopal told.

Ahana thinks that this is the secret that Preisha was hiding from everyone and she is trying to find out Saranash’s father, but now she has to find out who his mother is and he will humiliate her and she will be taken care of by Rudraksha’s life.

Will remove from At Khurana’s house, Preisha makes Gopal’s favorite dish for her birthday. In jail, Niketan asks Ahana to take revenge by exposing Prisha to everyone.

Ahana says that she did not forget how she put a gun to her head and what she did at Khurana’s house and there is no emotional connection between them, so she will use that secret of Preisha for sure but not for him.

Sarnash asks why Preisha did not invite Gopal to celebrate his birthday here. Preisha says that she did not attend his call so she has to go to her house.

She refuses to take him with her, stating that she has to do her homework but seeing her plea, she agrees to take him to Gopal’s house.

Sarsangh informs Rudraksh about Gopal’s birthday and asks Gopal to go with him to surprise him. Preisha says that Rudraksh’s hand is fractured, so he should rest.

Rudraksha says that his feet are fine and he does not miss celebrating Gopal’s birthday.

He thanks her, for this he asks that he has no problem if he goes with them. She asks why would she say thank you if she had a problem?

They arrive at Gopal’s house and Preisha gets confused seeing her parents not in the house and learns from the neighbor that the police have arrested Gopal in a drug case.

Vasudha meets the lawyer whom Yuvraj referred to and tells him about Gopal’s case.

The lawyer says that he will confirm Gopal and asks that Yuvraj told him about his expensive fees.

He says that he charges four lakhs for an hour and the matter is also difficult and asks him to appoint another lawyer if he cannot pay his fees.

Preisha blames herself for not caring about her parents. Sarsangh consoles him by saying that he is no longer alone, Rudraksha is also with him.

Preisha calls Vasudha and gets angry when Vasudha says that she went on a long drive with Gopal. She says that she is aware of Gopal’s arrest.

Vasudha tells about the lawyer’s office. Ahana decides to trace the birth certificate of Saranash to learn about his real mother.

Yuvraj shares his plan to Rahul and tells him how he sent some expensive lawyers to Vasudha.

Ahana discovers Sarnash’s birth document in Prisha’s room but finds Prisha’s medical certificate. She decides to go to Chennai to learn about Sarvesh and Preisha’s truth.

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