Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 March 2021, Rudraksha tells Ahana that he had only put honey on Kabir’s bed, so the ants cut him off. She asks how he could even think that she could do something like this and asks why he is blaming her. He asks her about the remaining honey bottles.

She says she doesn’t know anything. He says that he can understand that he does not like Kabir and Sulochana so he did it. Preisha tells him that they will understand him. She says that she will not understand the pain of others. Ahana asks Sharda to say something but she remains silent.

Rudraksha tells Kabir and Sulochana to sleep in Ahana’s room. Ahana asks what he is saying. Mishka says that Ahana did nothing and asked where they would sleep. He says that they can sleep in the store room. Ahana says that it is her room and she will not sleep in the store room. He says that she can sleep in Kabir’s room if she wants to.

In the store room, Mishka struggles to sleep and confronts Ahana as well. She says that mosquitoes are biting her and says that she never slept on a cheap bed like this.

Ahana goes out to drink water and sees someone standing in the kitchen there, but when she turns on the light, there is no one there.

He starts listening to Kabir’s voice and asks what he is doing here. He says that because of that he is unable to sleep and comes to get the ice pack and asks her to give it to him. While taking it, he touches her hand and says that he is a really nice person and goes from there. She thinks that if she is not a really good person then it is not good for them.

The next day, Rudraksh appoints Kabir as the director and puts him in Ahana’s department and asks him to work with Kabir. Kabir says that he does not want to hurt his feelings so Rudraksha can put him in another department. Ahana agrees to work with Kabir and thinks that he needs time to find out his truth.

At home, Rudraksha teaches Sonia how to play the guitar. He starts singing on seeing Preisha but Sonia imagines as Rudraksha sings for her and Sarvesh’s voice brings her to reality. Sarsangh asks Rudraksha why he is signing this song without her. Rudraksha says that he knows that Sarsangh will start singing again after listening to this song. Sonia thinks she is stupid for thinking so. Ahana collects Kabir’s hair and decides to test his DNA to find out if he is actually Rudraksh’s brother or not and says that if the result came negative, he will drive them out of the house.

Yuvraj meets Ahana and says that he cannot believe that she called him. She gives Kabir’s hair to him and does a DNA test and says that she wants the report tomorrow.

Ahana further says to Mishka that she is waiting for Kabir’s DNA test result. Preisha hears this and asks why she is suspecting Kabir and informs Rudraksh about it. Ahana says that he needs to confirm whether Kabir is really Rudraksh’s brother or not.

Kabir says that he never thought he would have to prove it. Sulochana says that he should not have come here and decided to leave the house. Ahana says they are overreacting and asks if Balraj is not Kabir’s father.

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