Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th Saptember 2020, Preisha arrives at the lawyer’s office and consoles the weeping Vasudha. Rudraksha goes inside to meet the lawyer and discuss with him about Gopal’s case.

Vasudha doubted Rudraksha and said that he could do nothing, that a lawyer is so expensive.

Preisha says that she will find a way out and asks how it happened.

Vasudha tells her everything about Girish. Rudraksha comes there with the lawyer and says that he is ready to fight for Gopal. The lawyer says that he will fight for free.

Vasudha hesitantly says that he is such an expensive lawyer then why would he fight for free.

Rudraksha says that at that time the lawyer did not know that Gopal was a retired judge.

Advocates say that if he can do something for Rudraksha then it is his honor.

Vasudha hugs Rudraksha and thanks him. She walks in with a lawyer to sign some documents. Pritha thanks Rudraksh Rudraksha says that he did nothing.

She says that she knows that she is paying lawyer’s fees. He asks her not to tell him that Vasudha is saying that it is her right to do it as her son.

Saransh says that he will also become a super son. Preisha says today Rudraksha also became super husband. Rudraksha thinks that he just wants to see Preisha smiling forever.

Ahaan approaches Chinian and visits Preisha’s medical college to unravel the mystery of Saresh and Preisha’s relationship.

She says that she will reveal the mystery of Preisha to everyone and then her chapter will close in her life. Seeing Vasudha,

The police inspector says that he cannot bail Gopal, he will have to go to court to fight for him. Vasudha says that she is not alone anymore.

Rudraksha and Preisha introduce themselves to the Inspector of Police. Preisha asks why he arrested Gopal. The police inspector says he received drugs from his home and asked that his mother not tell him.

Preisha says that the girl who was in a coma is now doing well and proves that Girish brought those sweets and gave them to the children.

Police Inspector says but he got drugs from Gopal’s house. Preisha asks if he is claiming that Gopal is a drug dealer then did he take a finger print test to prove his point.

She says that she gave evidence to prove her point and what evidence she has.

Ahana introduces herself as a reporter and she has come from Delhi and is writing articles on doctors so now she is going to interrogate Preisha here.

He learns about Preisha’s roommate. Preisha does Gopal’s finger print test and the result comes back negative. Rudraksha informs her lawyer.

Ahana meets Preisha’s roommate and praises her about Preisha. Preisha’s roommate tells her that Preisha took leave about 10 days before her final exam to take care of someone.

The police inspector says that he needs bail to release Gopal, which was canceled by the court and not him.

His lawyer comes there with Gopal’s bail and says that he got this bail from the finger print test and was given to the police inspector.

The police inspector leaves Gopal and Preisha cries upon seeing him. Gopal was about to fall due to weakness but Rudraksha grabs him and gives him support to walk. Preisha and Vasudha get impressed by seeing this.

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