Yeh Hai Chahatein 13 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13 March 2021, Rudraksha tells Ahana that she is pointing to Sulochana’s character and she was about to attack him but Preisha stops her and asks what he is doing.

He said that he explained that Ahana still suspects him. Ahana gets Kabir’s DNA test report and says that everything will be cleared now and says that the test result is positive and that Kabir is Balraj’s son. Rudraksha asks that he is happy now and asks if he needs any more proof.

Sharada asks Ahana why she is doing all this and says that Sulochana is Rudraksh’s biological mother and has faced her a lot in her life till now and it was Rudraksa who brought her here. He apologizes to Sulochana on behalf of Ahana.

Rudraksha says that Ahana continues to provoke her and asks her to apologize to Sulochana and Kabir. Ahana refused to apologize. Sulochana says that it is not needed. Rudraksha says that if Ahana does not apologize to her, she will have to leave the house. Ahana thinks that she is sure that there is something wrong about them, so she has to live in this house to expose him. She apologizes to Sulochana. Sulochana says that Ahana is like her other children.

Preisha was talking to the nurse. Rudraksha hugs her and asks her to spend time with him too. She says that she is talking about the emergency case and asks him to leave her. He thinks that he will make sure that he himself comes to her and asks her to go to the bathroom to get a towel.

She says that she clearly remembers that she had put a towel in the bathroom and tells him not to lie. He sees the towel and puts it in bed and goes to the bathroom again and says that the towel is not there and asks him to check in the bed or couch.

Sonia comes there and Preisha asks her to give a towel to Rudraksh. Sonia gives Rudraksh a towel and he takes her inside the bathroom as she is Preisha. She screams and comes out. He apologized, saying that he misunderstood.

Preisha laughs at him and asks how was his move. He says that his moves were solid, but he is also a clever husband and hugs her. Sonia says that their relationship is very good and says that she also wants a husband like Rudraksha.

Ahana tells Yuvraj that she is sure that someone changed the report. Vasudha sees them together and decides to inform Preisha about it. Ahana sees Sulochana going somewhere and chases her and sees her partying with other women.

Kabir tells Rudraksha that Sulochana is missing. Ahana calls Rudraksha and comes to her and sees what Sulochana is doing with her friends. Khurana comes there and Ahaan asks Sulochana what she is doing with alcohol here. Sulochana says that there is juice. Rudraksha drinks it and says that it is only Rasa that shocks Ahana. Ahana says what Sulochana is doing there. Sulochana says that she took off clothes for them and she came to get the money.

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