Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th Saptember 2020, Ahana tries to get Preisha’s medical treatment record from the hospital receptionist. But the receptionist refused to give him any information without the permission of the management officials.

A ward boy was listening to everything. Vasudha’s neighbors taunt him and Gopal, saying that he must have favored Rudraksha to get rid of the jail otherwise release in drug cases is not easy. They talk ill about Preisha and Gopal.

Rudraksha gets angry after listening to them and says that Preisha’s family favored giving her to Preisha and whatever he would do for them, it would be less what they did for her.

He asks if they are in trouble as to what his son-in-law will do and he says that it is not easy to release in drug cases, but Gopal is innocent, so he is here now and someone deliberately tries to make him guilty in the drug case Of.

He shows them Gopal’s report and asks how they can make fun of Gopal when they have known him for years. He warns them not to do anything to Gopal’s family as he will not tolerate it.

Ahana thinks how to get information from the record room. Ward Boy approaches him and says that he can informally help him but demands money from him.

He agrees to give her the money. He tells her to come the next day that she has to make arrangements. Ahana thinks that she can spend more than this amount to learn the secret of Preisha.

Vasudha’s neighbors apologize to Vasudha and Gopal and praise Rudraksha. Gopal becomes emotional and hugs Rudraksha to show his gratitude for standing on his behalf.

Rudraksha gets a call from Balraj and he tells her to reach home soon that she needs him. Preisha asks her parents to take care of themselves and hide nothing from them till now.

At Khurana’s house, Balraj hugs Rudraksha and says that he is proud of her. Rudraksha is startled by his sudden hug and his behavior.

Preisha also gets confused. Balraj says Rudraksha received the music icon of the decade award. Rudraksha gets happy and says that it was Rajiv’s dream.

Balraj says he is the first person to have received this award at such a young age. He congratulates her and says that he is going to invite everyone and celebrate it with the party.

Preisha was about to say something, but Rudraksha goes to her room and talks with Rajiv’s picture saying that it would have been nice if he had been with her to get the award and he would have missed her a lot.

Preisha calls him to eat. He says he is not hungry so will eat later. She says that she too will wait to eat with him.

Hearing him, he said, come on, because he is a little hungry. She says that she thought he was such a useless person but when she came to know that she came to know that he is the best son, the best father and also the best person.

He asks if she is alright because she is praising him very much today. She says that Rajiv will be really happy for her and also proud of her.

Mishka tells Ahana a party plan. Ahana says that Balraj did not say anything about the party. Preisha feeds Rudraksha and Sarada smiles upon seeing them together.

Yuvraj comes to know about Gopal’s release and he informs Rahul. Rahul says that Yuvraj cannot do anything and knows about Rudraksha’s celebration party. Yuvraj says that he should join the party to spoil it.

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