Yeh Hai Chahatein 15 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15 March 2021, women praising Sulochana’s self-respect. Ahana says Sulochana is lying and says that they saw that they were only drinking alcohol.

Rudraksha gets angry and was about to attack her but Sharda stops her and says that she is his sister-in-law and says that they can talk about it in her house. Sulochana says that Ahana misunderstood her.

Rudraksha takes Sulochana from there. Ahana thinks this Sulochana is a clever woman and has proved her wrong in front of everyone, but she will find out the truth of him and Kabir no matter what happens.

Rudraksha gives money to Sulochana and says that she can spend this money, but she wants to. She says that she cannot take this money. He says that he is his son and if he does not take care of him then who will and says that he has all rights over his money. Preisha asks him to do something for her to Rudraksh. Sulochana accepts the money and hugs her and says that everyone deserves a son and daughter-in-law, just like Rudraksha and Preisha.

Vasudha calls Preisha and tells her that she saw Yuvraj and Ahana in the market together and she feels that they are planning something and tells her to be vigilant and disconnect the call. Preisha thinks that Yuvraj is going to do something against him and it must be him who gave the idea of ​​DNA test to Ahana. He messaged to meet her.

Preisha meets Yuvraj in the pub and asks what he is doing to Ahana and asks why he gave Ahana the idea of ​​DNA test. He says that it was Ahana’s idea. She says that she will not believe him and asks him to stay away from his family otherwise Rudraksha will not leave him. He says that it is for him who is not doing anything because of Rudraksha.

Preesha heard Sulochana’s voice and saw him dancing at the table, drinking wine and wearing a modern dress. She thinks about how this is possible and proceeds to confirm it but the waiter drinks a drink on her. The waiter takes her to the washroom and when Preesha comes back, someone else is dancing in a dress called Sulochana and Sulochana now reaches there.

Preisha reaches home and sees Sulochana in her room and decides to sniff her. She sniffs him and thinks that there is no smell of alcohol and leaves from there. Kabir gets up from the wheelchair and closes the door of the room and starts laughing with Sulochana. He says that he is a really good actor. She says that she survived Preisha because of him.

He says that he saw Prisha in the pub, so asks the waiter to stop Prisha otherwise he will find her. She says that Preisha smelled him too. He says that Khurana can never find out his truth. She recalls how he informed her about Balraj’s death and gets upset wondering who will send her the money every month from now on and also reminds her how Balraj rejected her because Kabir is not her son , He apologized to her and also admitted her mistake. ‘Did not forgive him.

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