Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th Saptember 2020, Rudraksha who says that Preisha’s parents are also important to her and take her inside.

Sharda tells Balraj to calm down by saying that guests can see his anger.

Ahana reaches Khurana’s house and tells Balraj that she had gone out for important work. Sarsangh asks Vasudha what she looks like.

Vasudha and Gopal praise her. She asks Rudraksha about Preisha. Rudraksha replies that she is getting ready. Preisha attends the party in which Rudraksha, dressed in a sari, was chosen for her.

He gets mesmerized upon seeing her and Bunty teases him after seeing his reaction. Bunty says that he was right that Rudraksha loves him.

Rudraksha does not say anything like that. Bunty says that Rudraksha is talking with him but is still watching him. He says that Rudraksha loves him and asks him to confess his love.

He says that Preisha wore the saree that Rudraksha had chosen for her, even though she lost the competition, as she too has feelings for him, so she should not waste time and confess her love soon needed.

Rudraksha asks if she is sure about it. Bunty says that he is sure that Rudraksha and Preisha have feelings for each other. Rudraksha says that he will confess his love to Preisha.

Yuvraj is shocked to hear her and thinks that her fear has come true, Rudraksha falls in love with Preisha and she also starts doing everything for him.

If she loses Preisha she will have to lose the summary which she cannot afford. He thinks of a way to stop Rudraksha because he cannot snatch Preisha from him, he will do whatever he wants, but he will not let them be one.

Rudraksha goes to Preisha and tells her that Sarada is calling her and takes her with him. He says that he lied to her to meet her to tell her something important.

She asks him what he wants to tell. He thanks her for wearing the saree she has chosen for him.

She thinks she expects this and thinks what will happen if she feels she has feelings for him, so she is wearing this saree. He says that he surprises her.

She says that she did not wear this saree for her, instead she did not get matching sandals for her dress, that is why she was wearing this saree.

He refuses to believe her and says that he knows that she wore this sari for him. She asks why she would wear it for him.

He replies that she is his wife and she wants to make him happy. She was about to leave but he stops her and says that he too knows to read her eyes and admire her beauty.

She catches him and says that she will not leave him until she realizes that she is wearing a sari for him. She tells him to leave but he takes her inside completely ignoring her opposition.

Yuvraj sees Rudraksh and Preisha together and gets angry. Rahul tells them to drink less, saying that it is not a roadside party.

He says that Preisha must have changed after marriage and says that he had already guessed her behavior towards Rudraksha that she had feelings for him but she was very surprised to see Preisha’s behavior.

Yuvraj says that he will separate him in this party.

Mishka tells Ahana that she never thought that Rudraksha would treat Preisha like this and get irritated. She says that only she has authority but Preisha is with her as Ahana cannot do anything with her.

Ahana thinks that Preisha is not perfect and she also knows his weakness, her cheating trip becomes useless but she will know who is Saranash’s mother.

Balraj meets Rahul and says that he was not expected in his party. Rahul says that Balraj is the one who invited him so he is here.

Balraj is shocked to see Yuvraj with Rahul. Rudraksha leaves Preisha when she is called Vasudha. Gopal warns Yuvraj not to make any plays.

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