Yeh Hai Chahatein 17 October 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17 October 2020, When Sarvesh tells Preisha that he has finished all his online classes as well as his homework.

She praises him for that, saying that his parents are intelligent. He asks them about the concert of Rudraksha.

She says that everyone enjoyed it, it was really good. He says that he too wants to enjoy his concert from next time and asks him where he is now.

She says she is busy rehearsing for the next concert.

He was asking her to go to him, that he misses her and wants to play with her but Preisha stops him saying that she will bring him here because she knows his room number.

She hesitates at first to knock the door and then does it.

.Kerthi opens the door wearing Rudraksh shirt which shakes Preisha.

She says that Rudraksha is busy now so she cannot meet him when she comes there without a shirt and asks Preisha if she cannot see that he is busy and then why he is bothering her.

Preisha says that she can clearly see how busy she is and that her intention is not bothering her, just because Saranash wanted to meet her so he is here for her.

Rudraksha apologizes to Kirti and says that she has to meet Saranash. Keerthi says that she will wait for him and asks him to put on his shirt and Preisha leaves from there.

Yuvraj starts laughing after hearing everything and says that Rudraksha has completely changed as he now hates Preeta and is loving towards Kirti.

He says that Rudraksh should continue his game like this, then Preisha will come to him automatically without doing anything.

Keerthi asks why she asked him to act in front of Preisha and what is required of these flirting dramas and says that she felt that they love each other then why he is jealous of her.

He says that he cannot tell her anything but he has to hurt Preisha and for this he can go to any extent.

She says that she loves Preisha very much and it also appears that Preisha also loves her. He says that he is wrong. She says that he is angry now later he will agree with her.

He says that she helped him, that does not mean she will lecture him.

Rudraksha comes to meet Saranash but Saransh refuses to talk to him, saying that he is angry as he was waiting for her since morning but he does not come to meet her and forget her too.

Rudraksha says that he was busy with his work. Saranash asks what work he was busy with.

Rudraksha hesitates to answer her and Preisha says that she was busy with Kirti in her room for her rehearsal.

He says that tomorrow after his concert he will come straight to Sarsangh and play with her and ask her to forgive him this time.

He takes Sarsangh inside and Preisha closes the door of the room. Rudraksha sings a song for Sarsangh. Preesha feels that she will tolerate his behavior until the truth comes out but he just needs to be with Saresh in this way.

Yuvraj meets Kirti and says that he can do what he wants for her and praises her voice.

She slaps him and calls him cheaply and pushes him. He noted the picture of Sharda, who has a cross mark in her wardrobe.

Rudraksha notices that Preisha was sleeping in a seated position and was about to help her with the pillow but suddenly remembered Rahul’s words.

The next day Rudraksha praises Kirti. Kirti says that she is jealous of Preisha because she has such a loving husband.

Yuvraj opens Kirti’s wardrobe without anyone’s knowledge and wants the end of the Khurana family and is shocked to click pictures.

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