Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th Saptember 2020, Yuvraj is accompanied by a sleeping Rudraksha and he tells her to get rid of him that he has to kill her and stab her.

Gopal tells Yuvraj that it is a special day for Rudraksha and warns him not to spoil the day for his dealings with Rudraksha.

Yuvraj says that he still loves Preisha, so he will do something that causes problems for him. Ahana makes fun of Gopal and Vasudha.

Preisha tells him that Rudraksha invited him. Ahana says that she is happy that Preisha will not be bored anymore because she has people of her level otherwise what would she do to the upper class people.

Ahana also took off his clothes. Yuvraj gets happy after listening to him.

Preisha says that respect depends on the character of the person and not because of the dress.

Ahana is shocked to see Yuvraj and says that they must have brought her as well, but she is sure that Rudraksha would not have invited her and threatened to call security.

Yuvraj asks Preisha if they had come to be insulted like this and says that they do not care about themselves but what about Vasudha and Gopal.

Vasudha says that they came to join Rudraksha’s party, only that she matters to them and insults them by comparing them with mud.

Ahana tells them to leave after eating free food when they are already here. Gopal tells Vasudha that he should have kept quiet for Rudraksha.

He tells Yuvraj to go to Rahul. Preisha asks Vasudha to spoil her mood and not spoil her mood due to Ahaan.

Bunty was asking Rudraksha for suggestions but he was busy staring at Preisha. Bunty notices and teases him but Rudraksha does not hear anything.

He advises her to confess her love to Preisha before going completely insane. Rudraksha asks what happened to Bunty if he does not confess soon, many things can happen.

Rudraksha says that it is not easy to accept him and what will happen if he rejects him. Bunty asks why he would reject her when she wears that saree for him.

Rudraksha says that she wears that sandal and not for her. Bunty jokingly said that they were made for each other, now he has to do something.

Bunty announced the duet dance and requested the guests to come to the dance floor and then call Rudraksha and Preisha.

When Preisha tells Rudraksha that she does not know ballroom dance, she said that she will guide her.

Sarsangh holds Preeta’s hand and puts it in Rudraksh’s hand. Seeing this, Yuvraj gets angry.

After some time Preisha was about to leave the dance floor after dancing but Rudraksha did not let her go and kept dancing with her (the title song plays in the background).

Yuvraj and Mishka are jealous of their dance. He thinks of their intimacy to kill them. Sarsangh tells Vasudha that his parents are looking good together.

Yuvraj grabs Preeta’s hand, Rudraksha gets angry seeing her and shouts at her but Yuvraj hugs her and says that everyone is watching her so she should control herself.

Yuvraj says that his anger will spoil his party and now Saathi will be replaced with the song.

Misha agrees with Yuvraj and asks Rudraksha to dance with him. Yuvraj dances with Preisha who impresses Rudraksha who was dancing with Mishka.

Yuvraj tells Preisha that he is the same boy she loved so much then what happened to her and she still loves him.

He says that he did not really know before joining Rahul that he was a competitor to Rudraksha. He asks if she forgot him and falls in love with Rudraksha?

Preisha says that he had already told her that she is now Rudraksha’s married woman and wife, so she should not ask again like this.

Mishka tells Rudraksha to concentrate on herself. Yuvraj tells Preisha that she is incomplete without him but Preisha leaves the dance floor and she follows him.

Rudraksha follows them. Ahana notices everything and thinks that a new drama is about to happen.

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