Yeh Hai Chahatein 2 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2 March 2021, Preisha remembers how Rudraksha saved her. Rudraksha assures him that he will not have anything because he has a handcuff key but he drops the key in the car.

She tells him to go back that they cannot leave Saranash alone. He gets the key and unlocks his handcuffs and saves it (playing the title song in the background).

He says that everything is fine now and she smiles upon seeing him. He asks is she okay now. She says that if she had not come, she would have died. He says that this is not possible because as long as he is alive he will not let anything happen to him. The police inspector gives him water.

Rudraksha asks how it happened. She says what Mahima did and asks if they have caught her and asks where Saranash is now. He says that she once again ran away and he jerked off upon hearing it. She asks how Mahima can escape and says that Saranash is with her and they have to save her no matter what she does and asks her to do something.

He says that they had planned everything to catch him but he runs away every time, now he does not know what to do to trap him. She says that she knows what they have to do to catch the glory and also to save Sarnansh, she says that she has to die. He asks that she go mad.

She says that if Mahima thinks she was dead, let her think so that they don’t let her know that she is alive because if she finds out that her plan fails, she is angry at Sarnash. Can hurt and she can also try to leave him. City with him and they can never catch him so that he fakes his death. He says that it is no small thing and asks what they will tell their family. She says that now her priority is Saranash.

She says that her plan may backfire and says that if Mahima comes to know that Preisha has died, she will think that there is no one to stop her now, so she can try to run away with Saranash. . She says that they will not let her escape and will tell her plan to her and the police inspector. He says that he is only concerned for his family. She says that they will understand his intention.

He later learns that Mahima was trying to leave the country with Saransh. Preisha calls Mahima so that she can come to the hospital to check her body. Rudraksha will ask for glory. Preisha says that she is sure that Mahima will come. He becomes worried for Saranash. She explains that Mahima disguised herself. And according to his plan Mahima comes to the hospital.

Preisha tells Mahima that she is clever for sure but her time is over now. Rudraksha says that she has already confessed everything, now she cannot escape. The police surround him and Preeta asks about Sarnash. Mahima laughs and says that she placed a time bomb near Saranshah and the bomb will explode in 15 minutes.

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