Yeh Hai Chahatein 21th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21th Saptember 2020, Yuvraj was about to kill Rudraksha but he stopped after hearing Preisha’s voice.

Preisha enters Rudraksha’s room and gets worried seeing him not responding to her reaction and tries to wake her up from her sleep.

Rudraksha gets up and says that she is fine but feeling dizzy while she has just drank a glass.

He tells her to let him rest. She tells him that he came to her because her parents were asking her to leave.

He tries to stand up to go with her, but falls back onto the bed. Seeing her condition, she says that she will take care of her parents and leave.

Once Preeta comes out of the room, Yuvraj comes out of his hiding place.

Preisha tells her parents that Rudraksha is resting. Vasudha asks her to give her blessings.

Gopal gave him a pen to give to Rudraksha. He is shocked to see that pen and says that he never gave that pen but now he is giving it to Rudraksh.

Gopal says that Rudraksha did a lot for him and Saransh and that is why he is giving it to his son.

Yuvraj again tries to kick Rudraksh and stops listening to the feet of Preeta’s feet and hides behind the curtain.

She picks up Rudraksh and asks him to drink lemonade which she had brought for him.

She drinks it and he asks if he even came before. He says that he feels better now and asks about his parents.

He gets frustrated for not meeting them. She says that he used to give her his blessings before he left and Gopal also considered him his son.

Rudraksha is happy to hear her and Yuvraj curses Gopal. She gives Rudraksha a pen, she gets emotional and says that Balraj never cared for her, he only cares about money.

He says that Balraj never spoke fondly to him and that he always had his own advantages behind doing anything for him.

She says that Balraj wants to see her happy, his happiness matters to her, so she arranged this big party. He laughs at her, saying how innocent she is and says that Balraj has her own benefits that is why she arranged this party and she can earn more money because of these guests.

She says that she can have any painful past so that is why.

Rudraksha asks who does not have a past, but not everyone follows his father’s way.

He says that Balraj spoiled the careers of many newly talented singers, so that they could not compete with them.

He says that his father used to cancel all other concerts whenever he had a concert. He says that Balraj bribes and that he is the one behind Rahul’s failure. Yuvraj records everything in his mobile.

Rudraksha says that he is talented and wants to become a rock star purely because of his talent but he hates himself for his father’s behavior.

He says that he tried to stop her but he never listened to her and cared about her feelings. She tells him not to think today that it is a big day for her so she should enjoy it.

He says that he has only learned to be happy with her and he and Sarsangh complete their lives.

He was about to confess his love but Sharda stops them and asks the guests for them.

Rudraksha sleeps again, Sharda and Preisha leave to take the guests.

Yuvraj tells Rudraksha that he does not want to kill her and become a murderer, instead of using his confession video against him.

He thanks God for giving him this gift and thinks that Rahul will be very happy to see this video. He saves the video in Preisha’s mobile so that everyone can blame him when it goes viral.

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