Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 March 2021, Sulochana tells Kabir that when she reveals the truth of Sharda, she will be shocked. Kabir asks if he is sure that he is having an affair with a man.

Sulochana asks why she would hide it. Kabir says as they hide their heinous acts. Sulochana says that she will use the old Hindi film formula to trap Sharda.

Kabir sleeps next to Ahana and touches her with lust. Ahana tells Mishka thinking her to put her hands away because she doesn’t like it. He continues. She switches on the light and is shocked to see Kabir there, so calls Preisha and all for help. Preisha runs.

Ahana complains, but Kabir says that he accidentally came to his room thinking that it was dark and he thought about his mother. Ahana asks who touches the mother in this way, but she continues to give up her innocence and leaves Preisha asking Ahana to accept the mistake. Ahana says that he touched her many times and every woman can understand which touch is wrong, she is sure that Kabir is not a right man and something is wrong.

Preisha thinks that she feels the same about Sulochana, so both must be wrong and asks Ahana to support her and they will both expose Kabir, let her sleep now and lock the door from inside Must try. Kabir returns to his room. Sulochana asks him where he was.

He says no where. She says she knows him well, why did she go to Ahana’s room, can’t she control her lust here. He asks why she can’t control her liquor. She says she is trying and scolds him because it is a question of property. He says he is successful today and will be careful here.

In the morning, the family joins for breakfast. Rudra inspires Preisha to eat more. Sharada followed him. Mishka says that Preisha wants to maintain her figure. Rudra says that he gets a life and should enjoy it. Sulochana informs the family that she wants to organize an awakening at home to protect Rudra’s prosperous life and family and asks Preisha to call her parents as she had not met him yet.

Sharan said that they are Amma and Appa and they will have a lot of prasadam. After breakfast, Sharda begins the wake-up arrangement when Sulochana shows her and her lover a picture from a new sim. Sharda is irritated to see who she is. Sulochana gave her the message of giving him 20 lakhs to hide the secret. Sharda agrees. Sulochana goes to her and Aks if she is alright. Sharda says yes and leaves. Sulochana feels that now Sharada will somehow arrange for 20 lakhs.

In the evening, Preisha’s parents introduce themselves to Sulochana and Kabir. They mingled well. Kabir ties a thread to Rudra’s wrist and flaps his hair. Rudra gets emotional remembering Rajiv and says that he feels that his brother is back. Kabir found it easy to fool her and reminded her to steal Rajiv’s diary and read about the awakened incident. Sulochana says that Kabir reminds her of Rajiv.

After some time, Sulochana dropped the locker key in front of Sharda. Sharda raised them. The singer sings bhajans and the family gets busy praying. Sharda stole 20 lakhs from the locker and left the house. Sulochana signals Kabir to follow her and thinks that now that Giraffe is in her trap, Sharda will be out of this house. She thinks that she will finish her work and will not let her go home without humiliating Sharada.

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