Yeh Hai Chahatein 22th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22th Saptember 2020, Yuvraj hides from Preisha, leaving Khurana happily when she sees him. Preisha wonders why Rudraksha sleeps like a child after drinking lemonade.

She says that she is still the child who only wants the father’s love but whatever it may be she will not leave him alone.
She promises that she will not let anything go wrong with her.
The next day, Rudraksha wakes up and thinks how he got to his room while he was at the party. He felt jerkily that someone took off his clothes too.
Preisha comes there with her coffee and sits on the bed quietly. He asks her when she arrives at her room and why she is in this state and says that she does not remember anything. She starts crying and he asks why she is crying.
She tells him that he was in a state of intoxication yesterday and she brought him to his room but he forced himself on her and showed the love mark on her neck. He is shocked and says that she will be misunderstanding.
Rahul asks Yuvraj who is his common enemy. Yuvraj says it is Rudraksha and they want to destroy it. Hearing nothing in favor of Rahul, he tried to blackmail Preisha, but failed there too.
He says that he had also leaked the news of Rudraksha joining the school, but his publicity increased in that case too. He says that all the plans of Yuvraj are failing miserably like that chandelier case and sending Gopal to jail.
Yuvraj asks him to come to the issue instead of twisting the words. Rahul resigns Yuvraj and asks him to sign it saying that it is of no use to him.
Rudraksha tells Preisha not to cry and says that she is an animal and he punishes her for what she wants. He apologizes to her, saying that he is not like this and does not even remember what happened.
She starts laughing at him and says that he pranked her. When he asked who took off his clothes, he replied that Bunty had removed it.
Yuvraj says he wants to show Rahul something and shows Rudraksha’s confession video. Rahul is happy to see that video and says that Rudraksha himself is admitting all the wrong deeds of Balraj and it can easily destroy him.
Yuvraj says that Rudraksh is about to lose everything he has and goes to celebrate his success.
With the miracle of Rudraksha she confessed her love to Preisha or not and asked him if he had shared anything with her yesterday. She says that she talked about her childhood memories and all and leaves Saranash in the room to have breakfast.
Rudraksha regrets not confessing her love instead of stupid things. Balraj tells everyone that yesterday’s party was a success and Rudraksha gets several albums.
Rudraksha tries to talk to Ahana but she ignores him and says that he will humiliate her again in front of everyone so it is better to keep quiet.
She says that no one is there to support her because her husband is not alive and starts crying. He angrily apologized to her saying everything. She forgives him and turns to Preisha.

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