Yeh Hai Chahatein 23th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23th Saptember 2020, Rudraksha is from Preisha who tells her that she wants to tell him something that she has been trying since yesterday but is unable to tell him.

He says that he could see nothing but her and did not want to see it either. He says that he keeps thinking about her yet he misses her.

He says that he feels happy seeing her happy and that he is sad if he is unhappy. She asks exactly what he wants to say.

She says that she knows to read eyes so asks her to read her eyes and says that he became her life and she cannot live without him and confesses his love.

Hearing this, Preeta slaps her and says that they are just and only for Sathyan, how can she even think like that and if she doesn’t change then she will leave him and everything will turn towards her dream.

She asks him what he wants to tell. She says that she has such a powerful hand. She says that he seems normal now because he has started talking stupid things. He decides not to confess his feelings to her.

Seeing Gopal’s pen on the table, he asks her whose pen it is. She says that Gopal gifted her this pen yesterday, and it is very special for her.

He says that he did not remember anything and did not even thank her. Bunty comes there and Preeta leaves from there.

He asks whether Rudraksha confesses her feelings. Rudraksh says that he did it in his dream and he also got slapped in return.

Bunty says that Rudraksha was afraid to confess why he slaps her in her dream and asks her to confess bravely and Preisha will tell that she loves him too.

Rudraksha asks what will happen if he confesses to her. Bunty says she won’t leave him and suggests him to accept his feelings tonight. Rudraksha also agrees with him.

Khurana reaches the award function. Balraj is shocked to see Preesha’s parents and shouts at Rudraksha to invite them. On behalf of Balraj, Rudraksha apologized to him.

When a fan asked him for an autograph, he indicated this using the usage found from Gopal. Preisha’s parents are happy to see this. Rudraksha embraces Gopal, saying that his blessings are always with him.

Yuvraj makes fun of them by seeing their hugs. He says that Rudraksha will hate Preisha and her family today. Rahul says that his plan should not fail today.

Yuvraj meets Gopal and says that he wants to remove the confusion in the party. Gopal yells at her and asks her to leave from there.

Rahul asks Preisha when she will give him evidence against Rudraksha.

She says that she already answers him very well if he is not understanding that then he has a problem.

She says she is innocent so she is not afraid of her suspension either.

Ahana sees Preisha talking with Rahul and shows Rudraksha and asks if he knows Rahul and what he is talking to her.

Yuvraj joins Rahul and Preisha. Ahana tries to incite Rudraksha against Preisha.

Rudraksha says that she is sure that Preisha is not doing anything wrong and leaves from there.

Ahana asks Yuvraj to tell Sarnansh’s secret and get Preisha in return.

Yuvraj says that he does not know anything. Rudraksha tells Preisha that she saw him talking with Rahul. She decides to tell Rahul the truth after the award function.

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