Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 February 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 February 2021, Ahana asks the police inspector to arrange for a dummy dead body and tells Yuvraj to wear that dummy dead body to Bhuvan’s shirt and she can use that dead body to show Mahima that Bhuvan is dead. Yuvraj praised his idea. Rudraksha tells Preesha that they should go to the hospital. Preisha asks her to help Yuvraj as they cannot trust him and she leaves from there. Yuvraj sent a picture to Mahima

Mahima says that she finally got rid of a tension and called the lawyer and asked him to come to Khurana mansion tomorrow to read Balraj’s wish, only then could she legally claim everything. Sharda overhears their conversation and says that it is not good and decides to talk to Preisha.

Bhuvan regains his consciousness. Preisha says that she is fine now and cannot walk for a few days because the poison spread everywhere. The doctor asks Bhuvan to thank Preisha as he is the one who saved her life. Thank you for saving her life after everything Bhuvan did to her. Rudraksha asks why he destroyed his family just for money. Bhuvan says that he wanted to avenge Rudraksha for his sister Sonia. Rudraksha asks who is Sonia.

Bhuvan says that she lost him forever because of him and he was a big fan of hers. She says that she had an opportunity to sing with Rudraksha, so she reached Delhi, but she could not contact him and says that the police did not help her so she hired a private detective and came to know that she was a Went to the hotel.

The police inspector asks him about the hotel and says that he raided the hotel a few months ago. Rudraksha says that he did not call Sonia. Ahana says that she invites the singers to the recording studio. Preisha says that someone else must have called Sonia.

The police inspector shows Bhuvan the evidence he found in that hotel. Bhuvan shows a CD and says that it is from Sonia. Rudraksha says that they will soon find her and asks her to believe that she did not call Sonia. Bhuvan says that he can believe as everyone gives credit to Preisha and praises Preisha.

He says that he was not the killer so he will do everything to help them. Sharada calls Preisha and tells her about Mahima’s plan and says that they have to stop her and he won’t ask her to do anything. Ahana says that they have to stop Mahima. Preisha says that she has a plan to trap Mahima.

Mahima gets a message from someone who says that the person knows her secret and asks to meet her. He suspected Yuvraj first and then thought that he would not do anything like that and would be shocked to see Rudraksha visiting that place. She asks what he is doing here when he should be in jail. He laughs at her and says that he is Bhuvan and not Rudraksha.

She says that he cannot be Bhuvan because he killed her. He asks why she poisoned him when he did everything she wanted him to do. She says that she is the proof of his crimes then how can she leave him and confess all his crimes.

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