Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th Saptember 2020, Sarvesh takes his parents with him, saying that he wants to take a selfie with them. Ahana tells Balraj that she cannot believe that Rudraksha has invited lower class people, leaving Preeta’s parents sitting with Sharda.

Balraj says that he is controlling himself due to the award ceremony and asks him what happened to his plan to remove Preisha from Rudraksha’s life.

Ahana says she is still working on it, and faces some unexpected problems, but she will definitely succeed. And the award ceremony begins. The host calls Balraj and Rahul on stage to award the Best Debut Singer of the Year.

And they announce Male and Female Best Debut Singers of the Year. When the female debutant singer comes on stage to receive her award, Balraj announces that he is about to sign her to sing with Rudraksha, which shocks Rudraksha.

Rudraksha tells Preisha that Balraj did not inform her before announcing it. She says that Balraj must have taken the decision while giving the award or forgot it due to enthusiasm.

Sarsangh gives Rudraksha the best father trophy as a gift on his behalf. Preisha says that she bought it with her pocket money.

Rudraksha becomes emotional and embraces her. Preisha gives Rudraksha the best friend trophy and says that even though he fights her a lot, he is the one who fights the world for her.

She says that she never let him change himself and helped her get rid of all her fears. She says that it is difficult to talk to her but she is the one who supported her in her difficult times.

He says that he cannot get anything better from these trophies and thanks for coming to his life and changing his life. And they share a group hug (in the title song play background).

Yajaman called Rudraksha on stage. Rahul tells Yuvraj that this time there should be no mistake. Yuvraj says that the bomb has already been placed. The host asks Rudraksh to explain what he feels to get this prestigious award.

Rudraksh says that the 3 reasons for his success are his brother’s blessings, his voice and the audience’s love.

The host asks her to sing a song to her fans and a video of her journey starts playing. On seeing which Yuvraj smiles.

Suddenly, Rudraksha’s confession of Balraj’s wrongdoing video starts playing which surprises everyone.

Preisha thinks that she was with him when she just confessed who entered it and realized that another person must have been in the room.

Rahul says that this is a real bomb blast and he has been waiting for this moment for years and this is the end of Rudraksh Khurana.

Rudraksha gets surprised when he says all this and thinks that Preisha was with him that night and sees him. The media begins to question Rudraksh, Balraj thinks how to stop all this.

Preisha goes to Rudraksha and says that he has become a singer due to his talent and nothing else. The media started questioning Balraj, people start throwing things at Rudraksha.

Ahana tells the media that everything is fake. The media deprived people of that. Rahul praises Yuvraj for this plan. Yuvraj says that this is just a trailer, the picture is still pending. Rahul gets confused after listening to her. Yuvraj asks him to wait and see.

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