Yeh Hai Chahatein 25 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25 March 2021, Kabir and Sulochana were drinking alcohol and he used to laugh at her. She complains about the quality of the wine. She says that her plan failed so she is not feeling well. She throws liquor on her face and says that she did not even think in the dream that Gajendra could be Sharda’s brother.

Preisha says that the blackmailer will try to hide. Sharda now says that the blackmailer cannot blackmail her. Preisha says that they have to catch the blackmailer no matter what. Sulochana tells Kabir that Preisha may not know that it was she who blackmailed Sharda. She says that Preisha can do whatever she wants but she cannot reach it.

Sharda says that she does not understand who recorded the video. Preisha says that there must be a third person. Sharda remembers the waiter and tells Preisha about her. She says that she is sure that there is some connection between the waiter and the blackmailer, so if they want to reach the blackmailer they must first catch the waiter. She says that they can tell this later to Rudraksh.

The next day, Preisha wakes up and realizes that Rudraksha has not been able to sleep the whole night. He says that he was thinking about Sharda and says that he got suspicious after seeing him with Gajendra in the hotel. She says that everything is fine now why is she thinking about it.

He says that he is angry at himself and says that he is a really good person so he trusted Sharada and even defended him so that he would like to be like her. She says that both have flaws and they fill each other so they don’t need to change themselves.

He says that he is lucky that she is his life partner. She acts as if she had not heard him and asks him to tell her again. He understands that she is taunting him. Saransh says that he disturbed her sleep and hugged Preisha, Rudraksha. Sonia sees everything and thinks that Preisha is lucky because Rudraksha is her life partner and she also wants to be lucky like him.

Sharda thinks that she must plan something else to separate Preisha and Sharda. Preisha and Sharda arrive at the hotel and find the waiter. Kabir takes Ahana on top of him and touches him improperly. She tells him to leave but he does not slap her then. He says that he misunderstood her again and he says he saved her from falling. She warns him to stay away from her and leaves. He thinks it is really hard for him to control him by looking at him.

Preisha asks the waiter why she recorded the video and tells Sharda to call the police. The waiter pleaded with him not to call the police and said that someone gave him money to record the video, but he did not see his face. Preisha tells Sharda that she and Ahana suspect Sulochana and Kabir as their behavior is really strange. Sharada says that without proof they cannot talk about Rudraksha.

Ahana says that she was waiting for Sharda. Rudraksha says that she has been nominated for Best Singer of the Year. Everyone gets happy after listening to him. Rudraksh plans to accompany Preisha for dinner after the award ceremony and says that she booked a honeymoon suite for him and said that he now wants his child.

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