Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 February 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 February 2021, Happened after Mahima’s abduction. Sharda becomes enraged upon seeing Rudraksha at home and asks how dare he enter the house and tells her to leave the house that she does not want to see his face.

Ahana says that Rudraksha is innocent and she did not kill Balraj, Rudraksha’s looking Bhuvan who killed Balraj is there and Mahima brings him to her house and says that she will explain everything to him. Sharada is shocked to hear him. Ahana says that Mahima kidnaps Rudraksha on Lohri’s day and Bhuvan is still living with her and tells her about plastic surgery.

Sharada hugs Rudraksha and cries and says that she should have listened to her heart but did not perform the last rites of Balraj and apologizes to him as well. He says that he does not have to apologize to her because he had done nothing wrong and that he would have reacted just like he would if he had been in his place. Preisha says that Mahima cheated everyone. Rudraksha says that Mahima will be punished for what he did to Balraj.

Mahima calls Preisha and says that no one should know that she is talking to him and tells him not to take her name and says that Sarnash is with her. Preisha says that Sarnash is in Khurana mansion. Mahima asks her to check and asks her that if she wants to resurrect Sarnash, she will not tell anyone about her phone. Preisha goes to Sarsangh’s room and sees that he is not there and asks Mahima not to harm her.

Mahima tells Preisha that they will sort everything out today and warns her not to tell anyone about him otherwise he will kill Saina. Preisha threatens him not to do anything with Saranshah. Mahima asks her to come alone. Preisha asks to save Sarnash that she has to go alone. She lies to Rudraksha that there is an emergency case in the hospital and leaves from there.

Mahima tells Preisha the location. Rudraksha follows Preisha with the police. He remembers how he understood that Preisha is lying to him and facing him. He tells her about the abduction of Sarsangh and says that Mahima asked him to go alone. He says that he will put a tracker on his mobile so that he can track his location. He calls the police inspector and tells him everything. He convinces Preisha that she is not alone and he is with her.

Preisha was shocked to see Mahima’s new look. Mahima says that she is only Mahima and did not let Preeta go to Sarsangh. She fires a gun at Saranshah. Preisha says how Mahima can do this when she is his son. Mahima says that she does not care about Saranash and is not his son. Preisha says that Mahima cannot survive today. Mahima asks her to give her mobile and breaks it. Preisha begs him to leave Saranash. Mahima asks that Preisha will die for Sarna.

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