Yeh Hai Chahatein 3 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3 March 2021, Mahima who tells Preisha and Rudraksh about her back-up plan. She recalls how she decided to place a time bomb near Sarsangh saying that if it was Pritha’s trap she would have to die here and she tied a time bomb to the gas cylinder and set a time of 1 hour.

She says that if anything happens to her then Saranash too has to die with her and it takes less than 1 hour for the bombing to happen and she asks to find Saranash as soon as possible. She jokingly asks how they are going to search the entire Delhi within 1 hour as it is impossible to find her and laughs that Saranash will now die.

Rudraksha gets angry and attacks her and threatens her to tell Saran’s location otherwise he will kill her. She tells him to kill her by wasting time here as she will not tell Saran’s place and tells him to go save Saranash otherwise anything could happen to her as she also wants to see that she How Sarsangh saves and says that the actual end of the game and he is the winner here.

She begs him to tell Saranash’s location and says that she can go wherever she wants. She refuses to reveal the location of Saranash and says that she should search for Saranash instead of wasting time here. Preisha says that Mahima is Satan and she will not say and says that if her love for Mamta and Saranash is true then nothing will happen to her and from there she goes to find Saransh.

Preisha prays to Bhagavan that she is being unfair to him as Bhagavan supports the one who is doing wrong and asks him to save Sainash. The police inspector says that they have found the location of Saranash and says that the hotel staff had just called to inform him of the glory. Preisha tells him that they have to find the time bomb first. The police inspector telephoned the hotel staff and asked about Saransh.

Hotel staff say that they did not look at the child with glory. Preisha reported him to a time bomb. He gets nervous after listening to her and says that so many people stay in the hotel. She asks him to find a time bomb to save her. Rudraksha tells him to think about the place where no one goes often and says that the bomb squad will reach there but it will take time to find and get carried away so he will have to find it. Preisha asks him to search in the basement first.

He goes to the basement and is shocked to see a time bomb. Preisha hears a crying bomb blast. Rudraksha said that nothing will happen to Sarnash. Preisha arrives at the Rudraksha Hotel. The police do not let them enter the hotel due to the bombings but they try to enter.

Ahana realizes that the police arrested Mahima and informs her family about it. Vasudha smiled knowing Preisha. Ahana is shocked to see this. Yuvraj says that he should have a plan to capture Mahima.

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