Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 March 2021, Vasudha is done to protect Saranash and asks God not to punish him for crimes. Sharda says that there is no use waiting here, so they have to go there to help Rudraksh and Preisha and Ahana asks Mishka to stay at home.

The police inspector asked a member of the rescue team about Saransh. A member of the rescue team says that there are no children in the hotel. Rudraksha asks how can he say that when he has a son. Preisha asks her to investigate properly as she has a son. A member of the rescue team says that they searched clearly everywhere and now there is none.

He pleads with them to let him in so that he can find his son. He says that they cannot let him in, but Rudraksha and Preisha go inside and find Saranash. Saranash hears Preisha’s voice and is happy when nothing happens to Preisha and thinks that now her parents will save her.

Preisha tries to enter the room where Via is. Rudraksha stops him saying that he will go in and they get relaxed seeing Sarsangh. Preisha goes to him and tells him that nothing will happen to him. They share a group hug (in the title song play background). Rudraksha chooses Sarsangh and leads to the window.

The police inspector gets worried about Rudraksha and Preisha. A member of the rescue team says that the fire has spread everywhere so he cannot send his team inside. Rudraksha shouts for help. Saransha tells Preisha that Mahima is a bad woman so she will not call her mother and asks Preisha to never leave her. Rescue team saved Saranash and Preisha one by one.

Khurana and Srinivasan arrive there and the condition worsens. Rudraksha could not come down. Everyone gets worried for him. Rudraksha says that she has no choice but to jump and jump from there. They save him from the net. Preisha gets relieved seeing this and runs towards Rudraksha and hugs her and everyone joins them (playing the title song in the background). Preisha asks Rudraksha how is he?

Sarsangh asks Rudraksha why he jumped from there because it is dangerous and asks if anything happened to him. Rudraksha says that when her super wife and super son comes here to save her, then nothing can happen to her. Saranash hugs her. Rudraksha says that without Preisha she is nothing. The police inspector tells them to leave from there that it is not safe to stand there. Rudraksha thanked them for helping and they left from there.

At Khurana Haveli, Preisha explains why she suffered her death and apologizes to him. Rudraksha says that he knows that he has hurt her feelings but he had no other option and apologized to her. Sharada and Gopal apologize to Rudraksha on behalf of Mahima. Rudraksha says that she does not need to apologize and praise Preeta, so her parents should be proud of her. Vasudha goes to meet Mahima at the police station. Rudraksha and Preisha follow him.

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