Yeh Hai Chahatein 5 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5 March 2021, Vasudha meets Mahima. Mahima tells Vasudha that she knows that Vasudha will come to meet her and Rudraksha, for her condition, blames Preisha, but Vasudha slaps her and says that they do not share any relationship with each other and her There is only one daughter and she is Preisha. She asks how Mahima can try to kill her son and daughter and asks the police inspector to punish Mahima and that she should not come out of jail.

Yuvraj says that now Mahima will be in jail for the whole life. Vasudha slaps her and says that she is also a sinner as she helped Mahima and Gopal always tells her not to trust Yuvraj but he did not listen to her and asks her to pack her belongings and leave the house. . Yuvraj left from there. Mahima thinks that she lost against Preisha today but she will come back one day. Rudraksha praises Vasudha and tells Preisha that they will start their new life with Sarsangh.

Preesha healed Rudraksh’s wounds and he kept kissing her. She sees him and he tells her to focus on his wounds. She says that a lot happened in her life in this short time and she says that she is happy that she saw her birthmark otherwise she could not even imagine what would have happened. He says what would have happened if it had not really been Bhuvan. She gets irritated upon hearing him and tells him not to talk like this. He asks how he would have reacted if he had actually shared a bed with Mahima.

She says that she must have done what she did on the bed of sharing with Yuvraj. He becomes enraged upon hearing her and holds her tightly, stating that she is related to him and that no one can separate from him. She says that she also feels the same way. He kisses her but Saaransh interrupts them and now says that they will only sleep with them. Rudraksha says that finally he can sleep peacefully. Saranash and Preisha agree with him (plays the title song in the background).

The next day, the court sentenced Mahima and Bhuvan. Mahima tells Preisha that she will come back for revenge. Rudraksh and Preisha thank Bhuvan for helping him capture the glory and say that it is not possible without him. Bhuvan says that he did everything for Sonia and pleaded with her to find her and gave her her picture. Rudraksha says that he will find her.

The police inspector gave the address of Sonia’s friend Savita to Rudraksha. Preisha and Rudraksha meet Savita and ask about Sonia. Savita says that Sonia used to live with him in this house and says that Sonia was a fan of Rudraksha. She says that Sonia told him about his arrest, so he suggested her to call her brother but he refused to tell her.

She says that Sonia kept getting offers for modeling and says she left home one day in a midnight photoshoot but never returned after that. She gives him a model agency card that he got from Sonia. They go to that agency and learn that it has been closed for a long time.

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