Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th Saptember 2020, It is from Rudraksha who introduces Saranash to the photographer who came to click the family photo.

Sarsangh gets excited after hearing this. They take lots of pictures in different poses.

Gopal tells Rudraksha that Preisha used to tell him that he is the best father for her but he feels that Rudraksha is the best father in the world.

Rudraksha says that he did not do anything big. Gopal says that children get strength from their parents and Rudraksha gives that strength to Sarnash.

He apologizes for the early stage behavior and says that Vasudha also wishes that he would always be with Suresh and Preisha.

Rudraksh says that his blessing is enough for him.

Later, Ahana sees Preisha at the cafe and thinks what she is doing there instead of going to the hospital. She calls him to find out the truth, Preisha tells him that she is going to the operation theater and cuts off the call.

Preisha feels very bad for lying and thinks to tell the truth to Rudraksha.

Ahana gets happy knowing that Preisha is lying to the whole family.

She calls Mishka to inform about Preisha’s lies and they decide to go to the hospital to find out why Preisha is lying to everyone.

Saransh gets punished for not doing homework.

Rudraksha is shocked to find that she feels bad that her son is insulting the whole class.

He also includes Saransh in punishment. Sarsangh asks why Rudraksha has caught his ear.

Rudraksha says that now Saransh is not alone, her father is with her and says that it was her fault that she arranged the Onam Utsav, so Sarnash could not do her homework.

Sarnash laughs at his friends and asks him to leave. Rudraksha says that it does not matter.

Sarsangh’s teacher tells him that the punishment is over and asks Rudraksha to go to his class.

Rudraksha plans another surprise for Sarsangh.

Rahul says that it has been three days, he warns Preisha that he still has not received any reply from him. He asks Yuvraj what to do now.

Yuvraj tells him not to be hyper. Rahul says that he is facing a lot of defeat due to Rudraksha, then how can he keep calm and asks when Preeta tells him why he is not there for Rudraksh with Sarvansha.

Yuvraj says that Preisha is stupid and she is with Rudraksh as she is doing a lot for Saranash and warns him not to compare her with Rudraksha.

Yuvraj calls Girish and scolds her for washing the car instead of going there and shares his plan with her and thinks that now Preisha will listen to him.

Rudraksha surprises her by showing the pictures she clicked on Onam festival day. Saransh becomes very happy to see those pictures in a big frame and they make a video call to surprise Preisha.

Preisha cuts the call and decides to tell Rudraksha everything. Ahana and Mishka learn about Preisha’s suspension from the nurse.

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