Yeh Hai Chahatein 8 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8 March 2021, the owner of the dance bar CC asking why Rudraksha was talking to Jasmine in the store room. Rudraksha says that he was just entertaining himself and CC says that everyone comes to the bar only for that and tells him to leave the bar so that he does not come again.

Rudraksha waits for Sonia at the place where she asks her to wait and wonders why she has not come yet and thinks that maybe she is late, so she goes inside the bar and he also gives her She went inside to search. He asks the manager about jasmine. The manager says that no dancer named Chameli is present.

Rudraksha says that he was talking with her only a few minutes ago and CC also warned him for it. The manager says that Rudraksha came to the bar for the first time. Rudraksha asks if he really forgot her already. The manager says that it seems that Rudraksha drank a lot and asked her to go home to sleep. Rudraksha wonders that he is not accepting that he saw her.

He tells everything to Preisha and says that Sonia is now missing and she is sure that bar owner CC is responsible for her. Preisha says that now only the police can help them and if they raid the bar they can get Sonia. He says it’s a good idea. She calls the police and gives information about Sonia. A man keeps watching them.

The police arrive at the dance bar with Rudraksha and Preisha. They arrest everyone. The police inspector says that they searched everywhere but Sonia is not there. Rudraksha says that this is not possible because he talked to her and asked her to meet the owner of the dance bar. The constable says that both the owner and the manager survived.

Preisha suspects the truck that was about to leave and she stops the truck. The police search for it and find the girls. Rudraksh was relieved upon seeing Sonia. Sonia sees Rudraksha and runs towards her and then hugs her and asks her to save her.

He tells her that nothing will happen to him. Preisha says that the police are with her and they will not let anything happen to her. The man who was watching them thanked God and said that he found Sonia.

Rudraksha tells Sonia that she will have to tell everything to the Inspector of Police. Sonia says that she met CC to discuss the assignment of modeling, but later realized what kind of people they are. He thanks her for saving him. Rudraksha asks why she did not come to meet him. She says she came but the manager caught her and they put her and the other people in the truck. She says that she thought she was about to die but Rudraksha saved her.

Bhuvan comes there and Rudraksha tells Sonia that it is his brother Bhuvan and now he looks like this due to plastic surgery. Bhuvan rebukes Sonia and says that she cannot face anyone because of him. Preisha and Rudraksha defends Sonia and tells her that she can live with him now. Rudraksha says that he will help her fulfill her dream of becoming a singer.

Ahana asks about Sonia. Rudraksha says that Sonia is Bhuvan’s sister and she is only going to live with him from now on. Ahana says that Preisha will regret the decision.

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