Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th Saptember 2020, Ahana says that Rudraksha should know about Preisha’s lies, then her trust in him will be broken.

Mishka is surprised to find Ahaan as she calls him to the hospital to tell him the truth and asks why she is calling him.

Ahana pushes Mishka lightly and tells Rudraksha to reach Preisha’s hospital, saying that Mishka has fractured her leg and she is unable to understand what to do under stress.

Rudraksha asks Sarnash to complete his homework that he has to reach the hospital in an emergency and will bring Preisha with him on his way back.

Girish gives sweets to the students who come to learn dance from Vasudha.

Rudraksha reaches the hospital and Ahana acts as if she is in great pain. The doctor says that her report says that she has no fracture, but it may be a normal sprain.

Mishka says how can she be a minor sprain when she is unable to bear the pain.

Ahana apologizes to Rudraksha for harassing her unnecessarily.

She tells him that they can take Preisha with them too. She says she is busy, her phone is not even received but messaged.

Ahana asks the doctor about Preisha. The doctor says that Preisha is not in the hospital, she was temporarily suspended for giving the wrong medicine to the patient.

Ahana acts as if she is shocked by Preisha’s lies and thinks that now Preisha will be bombed.

The police arrive at Gopal’s house and inform him that the students who came to his house are hospitalized to take drugs, so she is there to search his house and show him the search warrant.

The police start their work and find drugs. Police Inspector arrested Gopal Ahana tells Sharda about Mishka’s sprain. Saransha asks Rudraksha about Preisha saying that she was waiting for him to surprise her.

Rudraksha does not find one who tells her at that time that Preisha comes there and asks what is a surprise for her. Sarsangh gets happy seeing his mother.

Rudraksha asks if she was in surgery so how is she here. Preisha says that she finished the surgery.

Ahana feels that Rudraksha will now slap Preisha and drive her out of the house. Rudraksha tells Sarnash to take Preisha with him to show surprise.

When Ahana was interrupted, he told her that she would talk with him later.

He even yells at her before Mishka says anything. Ahana tells him not to say anything.

Misha angrily leaves from there. Sharda gets involved in everything.

Ahana asks why Rudraksha treats Misha like this when Preisha is the one who lies to her.

He says that there will be a reason behind this. She says she should have asked that reason.

He says that it will not be good to ask in front of Saranash and he will tell himself when the right time will come. He taunts her for that. He tells her not to tell anyone in the house and leaves.

Vasudha says that she knows nothing about drugs. The police inspector asks if anyone else lives in that house. She tells him about Girish.

Gopal says that Girish brought only sweets. They search for him in the house but cannot find him.

The police inspector asks how Gopal can hire someone without any proof or police verification.

Vasudha says that it is not her fault, her husband helped Girish.

When she said that she would call Preisha, Gopal asked Preisha not to bother her. The police take Gopal with him.

Vasudha thinks of calling Yuvraj. Yuvraj praises Girish for doing the job well and gives him money and asks him to leave the city before the police catch him. He calls out to Vasudha and smiles upon seeing her.

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