Yeh Hai Chahatein 9 March 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9 March 2021, Sonia says that Rudraksh and Preisha did a lot for her but she is unable to understand what to do to pay the favor.

Preisha tells him not to think about it and says that they want him to start a new life. Rudraksha says that she should thank God.

Preisha says that she should thank the person who informed Rudraksha about the cafe. Sonia asks who Rudraksha is. He says that the boy did not reveal his name.

Sonia says that Kabir must have called her. Preisha asks who is Kabir. Sonia says that she used to work as a security guard in the dance bar.

Rudraksh says he did not see anyone in a wheelchair. She says that she once tried to help him, so she lost her job and told how the bar staff slapped her once and Kabir threatened to inform the police about her by standing up for her. .

The staff then received a call from the bar owner and informed Kabir that he had lost his job. Rudraksha says that Kabir is a really good man.

Sonia says that if she had her number, she would call him to thank him but it is okay that she has an address so she will go to meet him. Preisha asks him to stay in the house for only a few more days. Rudraksha asked him to address him saying that he would thank him.

Rudraksha and Preisha reach that area. He goes to pick up his mobile by car. Preeta meets Kabir’s mother. A girl was scolding her for not showing her dress properly. Preisha takes a stand for him. Rudraksha comes there and is shocked to see the woman.

Preisha asks why he is staring at her like this. He calls the woman a mother and says that she is alive and tells Preisha that she is his mother.

The woman says that she is not his mother. Preisha asks how this is possible. He says that she is only his mother. The woman says she does not know him. He checks the birthmark on her hand and confirms that she is only his mother.

Sonia says that she would like to help Sharda. Sharda says that she has already done everything. Ahana taunts Sonia and Sharda taunts Mishka.

Saranash comes there and says that he needs help to do his household chores. Sonia says that she will help him and take him from there. Ahana asks Sharda how she can insult Misha in front of Sonia.

Kabir leaves the house. Rudraksha thanks Kabir for saving Sonia. Kabir says that he talked to Bhuvan in court about Sonia, so he called Rudraksha. He thanks Sonia and the other girls for saving them. Rudraksha realizes that Kabir is her brother and he reveals her.

Sharda says that she called a lawyer to read Balraj’s will and says that Preisha will handle everything because she is Saranash’s mother.

Ahana says that one can only read in front of everyone’s presence. Sharda tells the lawyer that she will call him again. Kabir asks his mother what Rudraksha is saying. She refuses to accept Rudraksha before accepting it later. Kabir asks why he lied to her till now. She says that she used to lie because of her father.

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