Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th Saptember 2020, Vasudha, she says that she will call Yuvraj to get her help, but Gopal refuses her, saying that he has done nothing wrong, so nothing will happen to her.

The people of the society speak ill about Preisha and Gopal. Sarna shows her family photos to Preisha, she is happy to see them.

He says that Rudraksha first surprised her and then both arranged the photo frame in the wall to surprise her.

Prisha thanks him for the surprise and asks what he needs as a return gift.

Rudraksha remembers Preisha’s lies and says that she doesn’t want anything. She thinks she does not seem normal and decides to talk to him.

She asks that he seems tired of what happened to him. He says that if she wants to tell something then she can but she has nothing to tell. Before Preisha says anything, Balraj calls her from below.

Rudraksha asks what happened why he is screaming. Balraj asks her to ask Preisha and throws a legal notice on her face.

He asks what crime the hospital management suspended him.

Mishka grumbles that someone is finally telling the truth in that house.

Ahana says that Rudraksha prevents him from saying anything but he cannot do the same with Balraj.

Balraj insults Preeta by saying that she talks a lot so she is silent now and asks him to explain the reason behind her suspension.

He says that he will call the hospital if he remains silent. Ahana says that it is an insult to Khurana if she calls him, then Preisha will give the reason for this.

Preisha remains silent so Ahana says that she and Rudraksh already know the truth and says that Preisha had given the patient the wrong medicine so the hospital management suspended her.

Balraj was shocked to find out that Preisha was suspended last week. Ahana asks Preisha where she was going to them.

Balraj says that Preisha’s identity is Khurana’s daughter-in-law when others come to know that it will affect her image.

Sharada asks Preisha to tell me what happened. Preisha feels that she cannot tell them that it was the nurse’s fault otherwise she will have to tell about Rahul’s demand as well.

Rudraksha asks Balraj to stop insulting Preisha. Balraj asks how he can take her side after knowing what he did to the patient.

Rudraksha says that there will be a reason behind his mistake. He says that this is a decision, not just a legal notice, so they will hire a lawyer and he will answer them.

Balraj asks what he will answer them when she is not speaking in front of him from the beginning.

Rudraksha says that he wants to support his wife that he does not want to treat his wife like Balraj, so he should not interfere with her and leave her (the title song plays in the background).

The police inspector says that Vasudha should appoint a lawyer if he wants to release Gopal.

He says that he may require five lakh rupees for bail. Vasudha tries to arrange the money for the bail. Gopal is beaten in lockup.

Rudraksha says that he knows that it is not easy to share these things, but when he shares a lot of things why can’t he.

He asks to see her and says that they can find a solution together if she says everything.

She apologizes to him and he asks her to promise him that he will never hide anything in the future. He tells Saransh that they can now spend a lot of family time.

Vasudha arranges the money but the police inspector says that the court is closed now so there cannot be bail. She says that she wants to see Gopal.

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