Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Prisha says that the baby girl is premature, she is in the incubator. Neerja says that I want to meet her. Prisha tells him to be patient.

Neerja says her mistake. Rahul says that it is not your fault, it is Prisha’s fault, he gave you the wrong medicines, it was an abortion pill. Neerja says that Prisha cannot make such a mistake.

Prisha apologizes. Neerja scolds her and cries. He tells Prisha to settle down. Prisha goes and prays for Neerja’s child. Yuvraj comes and asks why are you crying, tell me.

Prisha says that my patient is serious because of my mistake. He says I can’t believe it, you are the best doctor.

She says no, that baby is premature. Rudra comes to the hospital. He says that I came for a walk and rushed to his hospital, before seeing me I would leave him. He is shocked to see Prisha with Yuvraj.

Yuvraj hugs him and consoles him. He says I’m with you, you did nothing wrong. Prisha asks Yuvraj to leave her. She slaps him. She asks how dare you touch me like this. Yuvraj says you slap me, I deserve to slap you, slap me more, I just hug you, you were crying, I was comforting you, I can’t see you worried.

Prisha says don’t look again, you have no right, you call me and say anything, I have married Rudra. Rudra looks on.

Yuvraj says that I know that you are Rudra’s wife, you were going to marry me, that Cheat got married to you. Pritha says that Rudra married me, it was true, vermilion and vows are true for me, this marriage is completely pure for me.

Yuvraj claps and says that you told me all the truth, you are the biggest fool, you are defending Rudra, he is a Casanova, he only uses girls, what did he do to me for you Be ready to leave. She says you can never do that, she named a father for Sarsangh.

He says that I was also ready to give my name. She says she also performs the duty of a father, she is not Casanova, I am also a woman, who is his wife, she will feel proud, I think so, you can call marriage bad, for Sarvesh.

Best of all, Rudra is the best for Saranash and for me, don’t try to get close to me, you know what I can do, go from here. Rudra comes and stops her.

He grabs Prisha and says that my wife has told you what she wanted, if you bother her again, I will kill you. The crown prince goes.

Prisha and Rudra have an eyelid. Hasta rehta kyu… plays…. They imagine a hug and say that I love you. The nurse says that the child regains consciousness. Prisha smiles. She goes. Rudra departs.

Neerja asks why did you threaten her, her nurse’s fault, Prisha gave me the right medicines, the nurse was careless. Rahul says that I have to take action against him.

Prisha comes and says that your daughter is fine, she is responding to our treatment, I will take good care of her, I will stay here at night, I will not leave until you and the baby are cured.

Neerja thanked. She asks Rahul not to do anything that she later regrets. He is right She says I love you. Rahul goes outside and sees Yuvraj. He says that Neerja and our daughter are fine.

Yuvraj says congratulations, daughter means Lakshmi, but what happened. Rahul says that Neerja was given the wrong medicines, I was angry and thought about canceling Prisha’s license, Neerja asked me not to do so.

Yuvraj tells her to use the opportunity, Prisha is Rudra’s wife, if she made a mistake, would you slap her Rudra, a big chance to take Rudra away.

Rahul says that if I take action against Prisha, how will it bring harm to Rudra. Yuvraj says I will tell you. He thinks that Prisha slaps me, Rudra threatens me, see what I do to you and your wife.

Rudra practices for the match. Sharada asks Rudra to offer milk. He refused to lay eggs. He thinks that I am not ready for the match, how will I tell Saranash.

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