Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 21 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 21 August 2020, Preisha showed Sarada a torn uniform. Sharda is shocked to see this and asks who did it. Preisha says she cannot even re-stitch the uniform.

Rudraksha says that Balraj won and he lost it. Ahana tells Mishka that she has torn Rudraksha’s uniform, now she cannot wear uniform to attend online class. She says that she cannot wait to see the pain on Preisha’s face.

Mishka says that she can’t even forget to watch it. Yuvraj is happy to learn that Rudraksha canceled his online concert. He says that Rahul will be very happy with this good news. He calls Vasudha, but Gopal picks up his phone, without knowing that Yuvraj tells that everyone is killing Rudraksha in the news, but he is worried about Preesha and Saransh.

Gopal says that he is alive to take care of his words, he should not worry about them. After hearing Gopal’s voice, Yuvraj was shocked and asked about Vasudha. Gopal says that she is busy with her dance class. Yuvraj says that he is worried about how Preisha will handle it.

Gopal says that he is strong enough to handle it and Rudraksh is a famous figure, so it is not even new to him, so both will handle it together, no third person need to worry about them. . He says that if everyone comes to know about the whole truth then they will praise him and tell him not to waste time in these matters.

Ahana wakes up yearning and says that the class must have started, why hasn’t the principal called her yet. She calls the principal and asks why he didn’t call her.

The principal says that Rudraksha comes to class wearing a uniform. Ahana says this is not possible and she asks to send her pictures.

Ahana and Mishka are shocked to see Rudraksha’s picture in uniform and they go to her room to examine it. Seeing the setback, he joined the rapper selling the uniform. Ahana asks what happened to her uniform.

Preisha says that Sarada sewed it up completely but someone tore the uniform. She remembers how she came up with that idea. He and Sharda laughed at Rudraksha who enrages them. She asks him not to see his uniform instead he should focus on his books and his teacher.

Ahana says that she cheated them by doing so. Preisha says that she fulfilled the promise and says that if they wear another uniform today, there will be no problem.

Ahana thinks that Preeta flops her plan again and curses it in her mind. Preeta thinks that Ahana looked upset and she came to confirm something but what.

Rudraksh complains that his neck is hurting a lot. Preisha asks if she doesn’t find it strange. He says that he is walking around with this torn uniform so it is only awkward.

She says that there are obstacles one after the other and apparently someone does it intentionally to expel her from school. He says that Balraj was doing everything and was about to leave to face him. She stops him without proof, saying that they cannot blame him, they have already made the mistake by accusing them.

Balraj gets angry knowing that there is no controversial news about Preisha. He scolds the private investigator, saying that he will do it himself.

Rudraksh puts cctv to catch the culprit. Balraj says how can he suspect his family members. He said indirectly that Rudraksha can end due to danger. Preisha says that the truth should be revealed to everyone as to why she suggested him about CCTV. Balraj feels that he must stop Preisha.

Preisha released the clip telling the whole truth about Rudraksha’s school entrance. Rahul shows that clip to Yuvraj.

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