Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 24 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 24 August 2020, Preisha leaves Sapna saying that she lies to him so she hates him. Rudraksha shows Preisha her damaged project. She is shocked to see the model and asks how it happened.

He asks her who did it and shows her the CCTV clip, saying that her idea was exactly why they caught the culprit. He shouts Mishka’s name and everyone wakes up hearing his scream.

Balraj asks why he is shouting like this. Ahana says that it is early morning, so it is clear that Mishka is sleeping. He tells her to wake up Mishka. Sharda asks her what Mishka did.

Ahana asks her to tell straight instead of shouting. He shows a CCTV camera clip of Mishka harming his project model. Seeing which everyone was shocked.

Mishka comes there and asks why Rudraksha was screaming. She asks what they are doing together this morning and says that Preisha must have made a play as usual. Ahana slaps her and asks how she can behave so cheaply.

Mishka asks what he did. Ahana says that everything is recorded in cctv. Mishka was shocked to hear him. Ahana says it is useless to tell her anything. Mishka cries and Ahana asks her to leave the house after apologizing to Rudraksha.

Ahana kicks her out. Mishka reaches Rudraksha and apologizes to Rudraksha, saying that her father is also in jail, now she has no one in jail.

She begs and cries to give him one last chance. Preisha is shocked to see Misha and Rudraksha feels bad. He forgives her and says that she can live in their house.

Ahana says that she is not fit to live in her house. He says that Mishka realizes her mistake and should not repeat it.

He explains that it was Preisha’s idea to install a CCTV camera to catch the culprit, now they can decide who is a family and who is an outsider.

Preisha and Rudraksha stare at each other. Ahana curses Preisha in mind and thinks how to win against her.

Preisha asks Mishka why she did this. Balraj asks how she can ask this and says that Rudraksha was about to marry Mishka, but leaves her in the marriage hall to marry Preisha.

He says that all the wrong things happen because of him.

Rudraksha makes fun of him and takes Preisha from there (plays the title song in the background). Ahana apologizes to Mishka and says that she had no choice but to slap him as he held Rudraksha red-handed. She says that the CCTV camera was Preisha’s idea so she will take revenge.

Preisha calls Vasudha from the new number and asks him to save her. Vasudha asks why she suddenly bought a new number.

Preisha feels that Vasudha will get worried if she is told about the message. She says that some problem was occurring in her old sim why she bought a new one.

He is shocked to read the blackmailer’s message that Saransh is an illegitimate child. She calls the blackmailer and begs Saranash to leave. The blackmailer says that Sarnash will know the truth of his birth and the call will be cut.

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