Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 25 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 25 August 2020, Neerja calls Prisha for emergency. Prisha tells him to rest, she will send the ambulance to her house. She tells Sharda to handle everything, the hospital has an emergency. She goes. Rudra says that Prisha had to go to the hospital, finish lunch.

Sharan said that I recited a poem and the teacher liked what happened. Rudra says that Maths teachers always scold me a lot, I did nothing, I praised them, they got angry. Sarnesh asks how can you say that. Rudra says, I am a rockstar, if I praise someone, the person becomes happy.

Saransh says that she is your teacher, not your fan, you are her student, not rockstar. Rudra asks what will I do. Saranash says respect her, she teaches us, she does not want to listen to praise, will study well and then she will be happy. Rudra says that I love you. Saransh says I love you too, All the Best. Rudra goes away. Sarsangh prays for him.

Prisha checks Neerja. She says baby is not beating, tell me what you want to do. Neerja says that there is no time to eat it. Prisha insists Neerja says any dessert. Prisha asks the nurse to get sweets. She asks Neerja not to take stress.

She feeds sweets to Neerja and says that now we will see what the child says. She investigates and answers the child. They hear a heartbeat. Neerja asks how it happened. Prisha says that children sometimes need a bribe to move, he wanted the sweets to be found, go and rest.

Neerja thanked. Rudra comes to Sarsangh and says that I solved yoga and the teacher said very well, I was very happy, thank you very much. Saransha says thank you Prisha, she taught me to respect the teachers, they are our gurus, I want Mama to be proud of me. Rudra says he will always feel proud, he loves you very much, you will come first, Prisha never loses.

Rudra thinks that if I say so, they will consider me crazy. Prisha says that your test is positive, you are pregnant. The woman says that my husband and I decided, we do not want this child. Prisha asks are you sure. The woman says yes. Prisha asks him to sign the forms. Vasu comes to meet him.

Prisha goes to Emergency. Vasu looks for him. He gets a call. She checks the message. She is shocked after reading the threatening message. Prisha comes. Vasu asks who is sending all this to you. Prisha cries.

She says someone is blackmailing me, he will tell Sarah the truth. Vasu says just we know the truth. She remembers women taunting her character. Prisha says that I cannot break my promise to Mahima, Saranash is safe, I told her that I obey her. She cries. Vasu asks what will you do.

Prisha says promise me, you did not tell Appa, patients are waiting, I have to go. He gives medicines to Neerja and Sania. The nurse gets a call and says that it was my husband’s call, we had a fight last night.

Prisha says talk and end the fight. The nurse forgets the drugs. He gives the wrong medicines to Sania. He gets many calls and gets upset. He also gives the wrong medicines to Neerja.

Prisha comes back and asks if you gave the medicine. The nurse says yes. She goes. Prisha looks at Neerja and asks if you are feeling better. Neerja says yes. Prisha asks him to take medicines on time. She says I will leave you. Neerja says that my husband is coming to pick me up, he is here.

Rahul comes there He asks if the baby is alright. Neerja introduced Rahul to Prisha. He jokes and says that Prisha is now ruling Neerja’s life. Prisha says that I am happy to know that my patients trust me. Rahul says, I hope you take good care of Neerja, it is your responsibility.

Neerja says that Prisha is the best. Prisha says see you next week. Rahul takes Neerja. Yuvraj comes and sees. He says what is this new secret, Prisha is Rahul’s wife’s doctor, Rahul knows this, why didn’t he tell me, I will knock him out of the game, I will ask him.

Rudra says that I have no problem, but Prisha… Ahana says that I will talk to her. Prisha comes. Ahana says congratulations, have you heard the name of the talk show. Prisha says yes. Ahana says no one guesses for the next set of guests, you are two spouses.

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