Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 26 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 26 August 2020, Ahana tells Rudraksh and Preisha that they have been invited to talk shows as guests.

Prisha hesitates to attend but Ahana says that it is very well known that not everyone gets this opportunity and she has already arranged everything, so they definitely had to be present.

Rudraksha says that Ahana wants her to tell on that show that she attended school for Saranash and says that if Preisha doesn’t want to do that then she is fine, she doesn’t either.

Ahana says that Rudraksha has done a lot for Sarsangh so far, so it is clear that Preisha can do this for him.

Preisha says that if Rudraksha had not taken this big step for Saranash she would have joined the talk show for him, the world should know the real Rudraksha, so she will do this show. Stunned to hear Rudraksha.

Ahana thinks that by now Preisha has used Rudraksha, her position and now she will use him to help Rudraksha so that she can become a more powerful star that Preisha becomes invisible to her.

Preisha goes to attend the call. Ahana says that they have to discuss a lot of things and asks her to come back soon.

The blackmailer tells Preisha that she knows she is going to participate in the talk show. Preisha is shocked to hear him and asks what he needs.

He says that he has to make sure that Rudraksha slaps him in that live show and says that if it does not, he will tell Sarnash that he is an illegitimate son and cut off the call.

Preisha gets worried thinking how can she kill Rudraksha when she wanted to improve her image in public and she wants Sarsangh not to let anything happen and for this she has to do what she needs to do. is.

Ahana calls her. Rudraksha asks what happened by looking at her worried face. Preisha lies to him that calling from the hospital does not need to worry.

Ahana says Preesha looks lower middle class in the traditional look and advises her to try the western look and she is going to call the designer.

Preisha refused to wear the designer’s dress. Ahana asks her to think about Rudraksh’s image as well and leaves. Rudraksha apologizes on behalf of Ahana. Preisha also leaves from there without saying anything.

Neerja tells Rahul that she was worried about her child but Preisha handled it well. Yuvraj comes there to meet Rahul and asks why he lied to him. Rahul asks what he lied.

Yuvraj says that he is aware that Preisha is his wife’s doctor. Rahul says that for a long time Preisha is a doctor with his wife and at that time he did not even know about the existence of Rudraksha.

He says that Preisha is a good doctor, his wife is also very comfortable with him so she will change the doctor just because Yuvraj joined him. He informs her that Preisha and Rudraksha are going to participate in the famous talk show.

Saransha tells Preisha that she got low marks in science, she encourages her to listen. Rudraksha says that he had already told her how he would react and tells her to go out of the room that she had to talk to him about something important.

Sarnash asks him to talk to them not to fight and leave. Rudraksha asks what he is hiding from her and she is very worried saying that he is starting to understand her so she can tell him.

She says that she is not worried and bites Yuvraj’s call. He asks her to be present in the call and also puts the call in the speaker. Yuvraj asks him why he is going to participate in a talk show with Rudraksha.

Preisha says that she is not doing anything wrong, so she does not answer her and she can think of whatever she wants and cut the call.

Rudraksha taunts Preisha and says that she looks sad because she did not get a chance to talk properly with Yuvraj. He says that Yuvraj is his ex-boyfriend, so it is clear that they both have feelings for each other.

Balraj praises Ahana for arranging the popular talk show for Rudraksha, but she is just concerned that many people will come to her house in the event of this epidemic which is a bit risky.

Yuvraj complains to Vasudha that Preeta participates in a talk show with Rudraksha. Gopal says that there will be a reason behind this decision and Yuvraj claims that if he loves her then he should also trust her.

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