Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 28 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 28 August 2020, Prisha insults Rudra. Everyone wonders why she is insulting him. Rudra tells him to stop.

Prisha says that she is a fake star, a cheat and a cheap man. He slaps her. Everyone is shocked. Vasu thinks why Prisha said this, I am sure that the blackmailer has forced her.

Yuvraj asks if Gopal is happy now, Prisha slaps in front of live TV, this slap is on us, I can’t see it, I’m going there. Gopal says that you will not come in the middle, I will see Preisha.

Yuvraj asks him to do something. Rudra angrily scolds Prisha. He says that my fans mean to me, if a girl tells me that I have used it, then I will leave the song.

Prisha says that you have used me, this slap is a proof. He says its proof that you are arrogant and a liar, sorry, Chetana, I came here for interview, not for this, end it.

Balraj goes. Rudra goes up. Prisha tells him to stop, he does not let her go. Rudra says that you have done a lot. She says I will send you to jail. Ahana scolds Prisha. She says that Rudra is not like this, what is the principle of girls, you have climbed our heads.

Rudra sees the chandelier falling. He shouts at Prisha and gets shocked. He runs to save Prisha. They both clung to each other. The chandelier falls. Everyone is shocked.

Yuvraj was shocked to see this on live TV. Rudra looks at Prisha. He has an eyelid. Hawayein… ..plays…. Flower petals fall on them. Rudra asks are you alright? Prisha says yes, you are there to save me. they smile.

Rudra signs the chandelier. It goes up. she sees him. Ahana asks what is happening here.

Everyone claps and is surprised… ..I am sure my audience is also surprised in this way, allowing us to come back and start the show. She asks what that was all about.

Prisha says that it was Rudra’s exam, they passed it. Rudra says that it was also Prisha’s test. Prisha says that my shouting at her and her slap was a drama, we had planned this, but Rudra risked his life to save me, it was not a drama, we had not planned it, it shows That she is very loving and caring, she is a good father to Saranash.

Ahana says what nonsense, would you say that the slap was fake. Prisha says that yes, it was a play.

Rudra slaps Prisha with the effect of sound. Prisha says that she has not touched me, the truth is that she respects women very much, she cries for her mother’s pain.

Chetna says that I know this is the real image of Rudra, he has saved you in style, we all have seen a shower of flowers, we want to know why he did a big drama.

Prisha says that when Rudra joined the school, everyone made fun of her, I uploaded a video to tell her the truth, even then they criticized her, I wanted to show the real Rudra so we did the drama.

Rudra says that Chetna supported us. Prisha says thanks for organizing the show at home. Chetna says that we got to see the truth, Prisha can do anything to improve her image, Rudra can do anything to save her, Prisha is lucky to have a romantic husband.

Prisha says that I was surprised, I am lucky to have a loving husband.

Rudra says that I am lucky that I got a strong and supportive wife, Saran is my lucky mascot, they are my family, I can do anything for them, their problems are mine, I will answer those who But raise my finger, I can give my life for the sake of Sarnash. Chetna says that I wish everyone had such a family.

Gopal and Vasu smiled. Gopal smiles and says that half truth is dangerous than true, don’t decide soon, look at Rudra. Crown Prince left.

He calls his man and scolds him. The man asks about the fall of the chandelier, have they replaced the chandelier. Yuvraj says that I have to convince Rahul now.

Neerja praises Rahul. She says that Rudra is a good husband and a good father, he has good tuning, hats off. Rahul says that you have been watching TV for a long time. He gives her medicine. He tells her to rest. On its morning, Ahana says that you should have watched the play.

Balraj says I have seen Rudra slapping Prisha. Ahana says no, he did not slap her. He asks what I saw. She says that she did a play, that slap was fake, she used the sound, it was a romantic drama, the chandelier fell, Rudra saved Prisha, Pushp rained, it all worked out, the interview was a big success, But people are also liking Prisha.

Balraj gets angry and says that I do not wish this to happen, I wanted Prisha to get a real slap, I did all this for no slap. Ahana asks what you are saying. He says I had to make this plan, I blackmailed Pritha So that Rudra slaps him and insults him. Ahana is shocked.

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