Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 29 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 29 August 2020, Balraj tells Ahana that he blackmails Preisha and says that he never respected her and always talks to her.

He says that Preisha threatened to send him to jail as to why he planned everything and at that time Chetna came up with Chetna’s live show, so she used that opportunity but everything failed.

She asks Ahana what she blackmails Preisha. Balraj says that Preisha’s weakness is Saransh and he uses her and tells her that he will tell Saransh that he is an illegitimate son.

Ahana thinks that Preisha is hiding some truth and decides to find Saranash’s real father.

Preisha apologizes to Rudraksha. He says that he is reading her eyes and asks her to tell him. She says how she cried when she stopped and hugged Balraj.

He takes her in his embrace. She says that she felt that she is alone so far but now she feels that someone cries for her.

He wipes his tears (the title song plays in the background). He says that he does not leave his family in their difficult times and asks them to hide nothing. He asks what would have happened if she hadn’t come to the store room and listened to him? She asks why he came to the store room.

He says that he came to apologize to him in the Yuvraj case and it is a good thing that he came to know about the blackmailer.

Preisha recalls how she found Rajiv’s diary and confesses in that diary that Sarnash is her son and her love is glory. Rudraksha comes there and snatches the diary saying that she wants to destroy the evidence.

She says that she just thinks of something why she has come to the store room. He now asks what he plans against them. He asks that after killing Rajiv he plans to kill him too.

He tells her about the blackmailer and thinks how to deal with it. He tells her his plan. And they praise each other’s acting. She asks when he planned that the rose petals would rain from the chandelier.

He tells her that someone planned something else with a chandelier and tried to attack him by cutting the rope.

She asks who will. He believes that this can be done by blackmailer. He says that no one can blackmail him anymore.

Sarnash and his friend argue with each other saying whose father is more rich and popular. Sarnash’s friend says that his father is a popular boxer and has a lot of awards.

Asaransha says that his father was also a famous rock star. Rahul made fun of Yuvraj for his flop scheme.

Yuvraj says that Rudraksha must have replaced the chandelier in the end because she had not planned anything with those rose petals.

Rahul asks why would he do this. Yuvraj says that Rudraksha can do anything to affect Preisha.

Rahul says that the show is now superhit and everything happened because of Preisha.

The nurse informs Rahul about Neerja’s pain. He is shocked to see so much blood around him. They get worried about their child and he consoles her. Rahul calls Preisha and tells about Neeraja’s bleeding.

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