Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 3 Saptember 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 3 Saptember 2020, Preisha says that Ayan and his father have not come for the match yet. Rudraksha feels that if they do not come, then their bones will be safe.

Sarsangha feared losing against Rudraksha. Ayan comes there with his father and says that his father is not afraid of anyone.

Everyone is shocked to see Ayan’s father having a large and well-organized body. Ayan introduces his father Indravir to Saranash. Rudraksha walks to see Indraveer from the boxing ring.

Preisha asks him what happened to him as he replies that he will not be alive if he fights Indraveer. She says she can cancel the match if she wants to.

Sarnash says that it would be his insult if the match was canceled because of him. Rudraksha says that it is about the honor of Saranshah so he will fight for her and asks her to pray for him and call the ambulance in advance besides he is with her as a doctor. She says she is a gynecologist and laughs at him.

The match begins, Rudraksha hits Indraveer a lot but without any response he stands in the boxing ring. Indraveer then gives a punch to Rudraksha and Rudraksha falls down.

Seeing which everyone was shocked. Preisha gets a call from Mr. Gupta, the president of the hospital and she tells him that he always praised her work but today he proved her wrong.

She asks what happened. He says that he comes to know from outsiders that a major incident took place in his hospital and Rahul told him everything.

He says that he risked the life of his wife and daughter by giving the wrong pills, because now the reputation of the hospital is in danger.

He says that he did not let this huge mistake happen in his hospital, so he passed the order and the hospital committee would investigate.

She says she is temporarily suspended for now and that her medical license will be revoked if she is found guilty. She admits her mistake and says that now both mother and daughter are safe.

He says that she can explain her point in front of the inquiry committee and cut the call. She decides not to tell about this Rudraksha and thinks what to do now.

Rudraksha gets beaten up badly in the match. Seeing her condition, Preisha asked to leave the match. Ayan makes fun of Saranash, saying that his father is strong.

Sarnash asks Rudraksha to leave the match. Rudraksha says that he will fight to win for Sarsangh. He recounts the moments he shared with Saranash and gets punches from Indraveer.

Preisha prays for Rudraksh’s victory Sarsangh asks Rudraksh to use his formula. Rudraksha paired both of Indraveer’s shoes with each other and because of this he fell down, using this chance Rudraksha punched him and won the match.

Rudraksha gives the trophy to Sarsangh and they celebrate their victory (title song plays in the background). Sarsangh tells Ayaan that Rudraksha is the strongest and he wins the match.

Gopal tells Vasudha that she is happy that Preisha married Rudraksh, not Yuvraj. Ahana asks Mishka how Rudraksha won the match. Mishka asks why she beats up so much for Saranshah.

Ahana feels that Rudraksha does not know anything about Preisha’s past, once it is revealed that she will do nothing for Saranshah. Later, Preisha treats Rudraksh’s injuries and asks him not to shout. He asks her to apply the ointment.

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